Much as we love our darling little angels, there are times when mommy and daddy simply have to take that well-deserved adults-only pampering time. And hiring a Bali nanny to watch over your kiddos is a smart move to make this possible.

One of the perks of Bali as a holiday destination is the excellent nannies available for hire on a very reasonable fee. Most hotels and resorts offer in-house nanny services, but you could also contact one of these trusted agencies. Sometimes the great ones are not even professional nannies. You can get recommendations from friends or family who had hired her previously.

While the Balinese people are good-natured and friendly in general, asking the following questions to your potential Balinese nanny could go a long way in assuring yourself that you are leaving your precious kiddos in capable hands and allow you to really enjoy your adults only getaways. If you are hiring a nanny through an agency, the mandatory information will already be provided for you (contact details, copy of ID card, references, etc.), so the following questions are more about gauging how well you and your kiddos can get along with the nanny-to-be.

Ask before hiring a Bali nanny:

    1. What do you like most about being a nanny?
    1. What do you least enjoy about it?
    1. If our roles were reversed, what would you look for in hiring a nanny?
    1. What are you looking for in an employer? What would you expect from me as a potential employer?
    1. Do you think the families you have worked for would hire you again? Why/Why not? (Ask for references and call them)
    1. What kind of fun educational activities would you engage a child at this age? (refer to your kiddos’ age)
    1. Have there ever been any situations working with a child where you were uncomfortable? How did you handle them? (e.g.: child running off, child hitting you, child asking you an uncomfortable question, etc.)
    1. Have you ever had to deal with an emergency situation while caring for a child?
    1. Are you CPR/First Aid certified?
  1. And of course, ask her if she has any questions for you. This could lead to a valuable insight on particular areas she is concerned with that you haven’t thought of before

Once you have made your decision as to whom you like, you should always do a trial day before committing to a longer period. It is such a good way to truly find out how the nanny will interact with you and your kiddos. It will also reaffirm that you have made the right choice (or not).

Have you interviewed a BaliΒ nanny before? Let us know about your experience!

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