From booking your flights and accommodation, surviving a long haul flight, and making it to the beach. Here are 16 travel hacks for parents to make your Bali holiday that much easier.

1. Use an incognito window when browsing for flight tickets.

Some booking websites track your visits and increase prices based on your search history, urging you to make immediate purchase. So next time you’re browsing for flight tickets, try using the incognito window.

2. Schedule flights around sleep times.

Late night flights (a.k.a the red-eye) are perfect to take advantage of your kiddos’ naptime. You can run your toddler ragged near the gate until itโ€™s time to board, and then the bedtime weariness should kick in, and you may even get some sleep yourself (or watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see but never had time to on the in-flight entertainment system)

3. Or… set up your own in-flight entertainment system.

When you fly budget, you don’t get the luxury of an in-flight entertainment system. But hey… that’s what your new wide screen smartphone is for, right?ย Make use of a ziplock bag or take out the wiry-thingy from the air-sickness bag to create your DIY mounting for your phone.

See detailed instructions for this air-sickness bag mounting here

4. Want more room during flights? Get that empty middle seat!

It doesnโ€™t work all the time, but itโ€™s always worth a try when you’re traveling as a family.
If there are 3 traveling, book an aisle and a window in one row and the aisle seat in front or behind.
Middle seats are last to be assigned. If someone does get assigned to this middle seat, most times they will be thrilled to be offered the aisle seat so you can sit next to your child.
Remember the formula : empty seat = more room = greater comfort = happier child (and parents!)

5. Make a DIY coloring case to keep your kiddos busy during those long haul flights or drives.

Use an old DVD box to create a portable coloring case. Just throw in paper and a few crayons and your little artist will be set until the next rest stop.

6. Or… keep your kiddos occupied with a “I Spy” treasure hunt.

Download the bali family guide very own Bali-inspired Treasure Hunt here!

7. Put a layer of cling film over toiletry bottles to avoid leakage.

8. Press a hot spoon onto fresh mosquito bites to kill the chemical that causes itching.

9. Scan your passport and any other important documents and email them to yourself in case of emergencies.

10. If you run out of chargers, check your hotel room television. It might just have a USB plugin.

11. Store your loose cables/chargers in an old sunglasses case to keep everything in one place.

12. Or… keep them tangle free by wrapping them around old gift cards

13. Use a fitted sheet instead of a towel on the beach to keep sand out of your sunbathing area.

14. Use a barrette clip to fix your little girl’s too-loose bikini or tank tops.

15. Sprinkle on some baby powder to remove sand from skin quickly.

Why this works : baby powder absorbs moisture from your skin, so the sand will basically fall off your feet, legs, hair, etc.

16. Use empty sunscreen container to store money and other valuables.

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