Packing can be the most frustrating task for most of us, even when packing for a holiday in a gorgeous place like Bali.

To ease a bit of the pain, The Bali Family Guide hasย prepared a packing list of the most essential items to pack for a child friendly holiday in Bali.

And here are some tips we’ve gathered from experienced travel-savvy parents.

Packing Tip 1: Maximize Space in your Luggage

Rolling your clothes saves more space than folding, and it avoids wrinkles too.

The key is to roll tightly, to create rolls small and tight enough to fill all the nook and crannies in your luggage to take full advantage of the space available.

Packing cubes also helps in getting organized and keeping your rolled clothing neatly compressed.

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Be swim ready

Going to a summer destination like Bali, kids like to hit the beach or pool almost immediately. Have all the swimming clothing including goggles, hats and sunscreens in a separate packing capsule right at the top of the suitcase so itโ€™s easily accessible.

Don’t pack to capacity

If a precursory glance at your luggage indicates that it’s even remotely close to full capacity, you have a problem. Keep these things in mind:

  • Dirty laundry takes up far more room than neatly folded/rolled clothing.
  • You will undoubtedly make new purchases while on your trip.
  • Repacking your luggage should not require working a time-consuming puzzle.

Packing Tip 2: Handy Items to Pack

Travel adapter and power board

Power plugs and sockets in Indonesia look something like this.

If your gadgets use different ones, then you will need an adaptor. Nowadays we live in a world of multiple gadgets or at least one for each of your family member. So consider bringing along an adaptor plus a power board, instead of multiple adaptors and risking a fight over that often too few power sockets.

Ziplock bags

They come in handy when traveling with kids for so many purposes: storing loose items like band-aids and hair ties, zipping away a soiled infant shirt, carrying something your child found and MUST keep, storing snacks on the go, dividing snacks between kids preventing that awful tantrum. Not to mention you can use them for a nifty DIY in-flight entertainment system (check out #3 in our 16 Travel Hacks for Parents post.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are a commodity for travel. Something as simple as carrying dirty laundry to the coin laundry, carrying beach toys, storing wet clothing and a rubbish bin in the hire car. Fold them into triangles to save space

Packing Tip 3: The Jewellery Issue

Okay, you should not bring any valuable jewellery pieces you can’t afford losing in the first place – these should stay at home where it’s safe. But aside from being a mum, we are women and women like to decorate ourselves to look pretty. So here’s a few tips to minimize annoying problems.

  • Keep small stud earrings together by fastening the set through buttonholes before slipping them into your jewellery bag.
  • For a dainty necklace, string it through a straw to keep it from tangling.
  • Use a pill compartment or old lip balm to keep track of small pieces of jewelries.

Packing Tips 4: Baby/Toddler Stuff


Diapers takes a lot of space, so it’s an important issue to address. If you simply have to use a particular brand, then by all means bring them from home. Pack enough to last your trip and some extras just in case. Pack it on the outside pockets of your luggage to safe space and make it easier to reach without unpacking the whole thing.If you can live with any brand, most supermarkets in Bali will have them. Most common brands being Mamipoko, Huggies, and Pampers. If you need a larger variety or particular fit, stop by hypermarkets like Carrefour in Sunset Road on the way from the airport to your hotel or villa.


Milton tablets are compact for travel and great for sanitizing water bottles in cold water. Saves you a lot of trouble boiling water and waiting the bottles cool down before giving it to your kiddo.

Toilet training toddlers

If you just starting toilet training you may want to invest in a portable toilet seat. Not absolutely necessary especially if your child is old enough to balance on a toilet. Just bring plenty of antibacterial wipes to wipe down toilet surfaces on the go.

Packing Tip 5: What NOT to Bring

Towels, especially the big bulky beach towels. Your hotel or villa will most probably provide them.

Sarongs or wraps. Okay, you might need them to cover your legs and shoulders when you visit temples or other religious places. But why bother bringing them from home. You know you’ll fall in love with the array of beautiful ones on sale here in Bali and buy at least one anyway. And they are not expensive at all!

Water filters. Yes, tap water is non-drinkable in Bali. No, you don’t have to bring water filters. Bottled drinking water is widely available at a very affordable price. Besides, you can always opt for coconut water while you’re in the island – it’s a great isotonic to rehydrate your body!

Prams. The roads in Bali is so uneven and irregular that it’s simply too much effort to navigate a pram. So consider bringing a baby carrier instead. Baby carriers are handy for being hands free, going pram free when day tripping and navigating airports and planes. If you do need a pram (or strollers as most people in Bali call it), most major tourist attraction and villas provide them for a reasonable fee or even for free.

There you go. Your fool-proof Bali packing trip not on the list? Tell us about it and help other parents like you.
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