Bali Kids Clubs to the rescue…

Whether you are on holiday or a permanent resident of Bali, there comes a time when you really need to have adult time. No need to feel guilty. As expert Christine Koh wrote on her blog, when you treat yourself well, goodness trickles down into your relationships with your partner, your kids, and your community like a big circle of awesomeness. Besides, who’s to say your little ones won’t have a great time on their own? If they get to spend time at these awesome Bali kids clubs they definitely will! Here’s a list of our top five and why we love them.

1. For the eco-friendly, green experience

The Garden is no ordinary kids club, it’s a green learning center with a focus on the environment and sustainable living. Whether it’s frolicking in the mud kitchen, scaling the tree house, or learning about their greens in the veggie garden. There’s plenty to keep the creative juices of your little ones flowing.

2. For staying up late

Cubby House Kids Club at Finn’s Recreation Club has our thanks for letting us have quality time up to 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. While other kids club usually close around 5pm, the fun continues on at Cubby House Kids Club. Movie screenings and other soothing activities wind the kids down for the night.

3. For the awesome circus experience

Club Med Bali is one of those unique places where kids and parents really can do their own thing. Children from age 4 months all the way up to 17 years can come to the kids club here and get just what they need. This isn’t necessarily somewhere you would use as a daycare, but a daypass once in a while is the ticket to relaxation.

Probably the most popular experience here is the trapeze school where kids and parents get to learn the art of flying trapeze. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to be a circus performer for a few hours. The instructors here are amazing and will help you create memories to last a lifetime.

For more info on Club Med Bali day passes read here: Spending a Day at Club Med Bali

4. For embracing culture

Anak Atelier Playground is not only known for its green sloping grounds but also for their traditional heritage joglo style campus buildings. The joglos allow children to learn a little know the rich Indonesian culture up close and personal. Their selection of activities is also rich in culture. Not only Balinese, but martial arts, dance and sports from around the world. And their djimbe percussion class is definitely not to be missed!

5. For the littlest ones to give mum & dad some free time

Umalas Kids Club is one of the few daycare centres in Bali that takes kids as young as 6 months. And sometimes when your kids are this young you really need some time to rest and recharge. From 8.15am you can drop the kids off knowing they are going to be stimulated, well cared for and have a great time. They even have extra babysitting hours from 3-5pm if you really need to get stuff done.