2. Babi Guling – Roast Pork

Here in Bali, we love our pork! From the crispy pork crackling all the way to the intensely flavorful intestines. Served with rice and aromatic herbs and veggies, it is one of the must try food in Bali.

3. Bebek Bengil – Crispy Fried Duck

Bebek bengil literally means dirty duck in Balinese. No worries, though. No dirt is featured on the dish. Only crispy yummy goodness. The duck is usually simply seasoned without any spicy or pungent seasonings. It’s the sambal chili sauce that usually accompanies it that you need to watch out for. For your little ones, we recommend eating it with a dash of sweet soya sauce (kecap manis).

4. Kripik Ceker – Chicken Feet Chips

Say what? Yes, deep fried chicken feet chips. It may sound extreme, but really there’s nothing funky tasting about this local savory snack. Pop it in your mouth with your eyes closed and you really couldn’t tell whether it’s chicken feet chips or plain corn chips. Nonetheless, the experience will be exciting for your kids. What an awesome story to tell friends back home!

5. Manggis – Mangosteen

The thick dark purple outer skin protects the soft sweet segmented white flesh. Be careful when peeling and handling the skin, though. The red stain they leave on fabrics is really difficult to remove.

6. Salak – Snakeskin Fruit

Another exotic fruit on the list. The sweet fruity floral smell of the fruit almost remind you of the scent of frangipani flowers – an aroma that is unmistakably Bali. Help your kids to peel the scaly skin as they often have sharp edges. And don’t bite into them too enthusiastically – you might risk a broken tooth biting onto the rock hard core.

7. Dendeng Babi – Pork Jerky

The bbq minced pork jerky is usually sold in vacuum packs. The glaze is spicy sweet and finger licking good!

8. Bubuh Injin – Black Sticky Rice Porridge

The sticky sweet comfort food is usually served warm with a dash of coconut milk to complement the fragrant aroma of pandan leaves. A modern variation uses vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce in place of coconut milk and the contrast between warm and cold is simply heavenly!

9. Pie Susu – Milk Custard Pie

What’s not to like about milk custard pies? Although the Balinese version is almost paper thin compared to the hearty western style pies, you can still enjoy the addictive combination of crunchy pie base and smooth milk custard. The thin shape makes you feel less guilty for having seconds. But also makes it that much more difficult to stop.

10. Pia Legong

The buttery flaky pastry concealed a generous serving of fillings. The most popular filling is chocolate, cheese, or mungbean paste.

As always, do exercise caution when introducing food you don’t normally have at home to your kids. Although Balinese food is traditionally quite spicy, most places commonly serve the milder version to cater to the Westerners taste buds. Still, doesn’t hurt to check before you order. Find out how to ask about level of spiciness and other useful survival phrases in local language here. And if you’re worried about the notorious Bali belly, check out our tips to avoid it here. With proper care and caution, there’s no reason why both you and your kids shouldn’t enjoy the local delicacies.

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