Bali Kids Activities Treasure Hunt

At The Bali Family Guide we are all about having fun (and staying sane) while in Bali with kids. What better way to create some excitement and keep your little ones occupied than a treasure hunt?! Here’s the first of our The Bali Family Guide activities with aΒ Bali-Inspired Treasure Hunt that will help you and your family create some awesome Balinese memories while on vacation.

If your family likes a little competition feel free to add in a points system and offer up a grand prize for whoever gets a photo of themselves (or their favourite stuffed toy) with the most Balinese items. Creativity wins extra points!

Or, if your family is more harmonious (than mine) you can take a less-competitive approach and seek out the items together as a team. Either way you are guaranteed to keep your kids busy and having fun while hunting around Bali for these awesome Balinese treasures. Stay tuned for more Bali kids activities from Bali Kids Guide!

Are you in Bali with kids? Do you have any items to add to our list? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.