When it comes to surf spots, Bali offers the best of both worlds. There are excellent surf spots for beginners as well as advanced surfers. Today we’re giving our top 5 recommendations for excellent surf spots in Bali:

Kuta Beach

If you’re just getting the hang of surfing, Kuta Beach is a fabulous destination to polish your skills. The beach offers gentle, average height waves. Kuta is also near the hottest clubs and resorts in Bali! If you want to catch a few waves then go straight to clubbing after, then Kuta is the best surfing spot for you. Of course, because Kuta Beach offers a colorful nightlife, beach bums might find it a little noisy during the day and night.

Canggu Beach

If you’re looking for slightly challenging waves, you’ll love Canggu beach. This surf spot is just half an hour away from Kuta. It a popular attraction among beginners and advanced level surfers alike. Because Canggu beach is several minutes away from the clubs and resorts, it’s a great spot for beach bums who want to frolic on the shores all day!


Keramas beach is perhaps Bali’s most popular surfing destination. It features a great reef break and beautiful black sand. The swells produce deep tube rides over rock or reef bottom! Because the waves are high, it’s best for advanced level surfers only. Also, to take advantage of the biggest swells, hop on your board early in the morning. The best waves appear early in the day.


Padang-Padang is also another popular attraction in Bali. Locally called the “Balinese Pipeline,” Padang-Padang offers hollow waves, rough waves and massive swells, some as high as 12 feet. It’s the ultimate place for surfers. In fact, several surfing events are held in Padang-Padang beach annually.

However, the place is full of shallow water so exercise caution when surfing in this area.

Also, Padang-Padang beach offers the most dangerous and hollowest waves in the region. It’s especially dangerous because of the shallow water. Generally, the waves are long and narrow.


Rounding up our list of the best surf sites in Bali is Uluwatu beach. This spot is an excellent choice for tube riders. Uluwatu beach is best for intermediate surfers who want to take on great swells. But be careful, the place has shallow spots and reefs. Because Uluwatu beach is also a popular surf spot, you can expect crowds, especially during peak season.


Remember that all these surf spots are for experienced surfers – not little kids! Stay tuned for our blog post on the best beaches to hit for relaxing with your little ones.