Craving for desserts? From creamy gelato to local sweets, Bali offers a fantastic selection of desserts for kids (and adults)! Eat your way through Bali and have an epic gastronomic adventure. Don’t forget to order these Balinese sweets while you’re on the island:

Pisang Goreng

If you’re familiar with banana fritters then pisang goreng is a similar yummy snack. Named after the variety of banana used to make the dessert, pisang goreng is composed of deep fried bananas drenched in a simple flour and water batter. Every town in Bali has different version of this well-loved dessert but the base ingredients remain the same. In restos, pisang goreng is served with various toppings including chocolate syrup, condensed milk or marmalade.

my Balinese sweets, Pisang Goreng
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Laklak is a pancake-like sweet treat made from coconut milk and rice flour. This creamy, decadent snack usually comes in two colors but they taste the same. It’s served with grated coconut and liquid palm sugar or white sugar. Laklak is often paired with tea and is best enjoyed piping hot.

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Bubur Injin

Bubur Injin is a black rice pudding made Balinese style. This dessert can be found in small food stalls and high end restaurants all over Bali. Bubur Injin is often eaten as an in-between snack.


To make bubur injin, black glutinous rice is boiled in coconut milk until nice and sticky. Then, it’s flavored with a little palm sugar and pandan leaves. Before serving, slivers of juicy jackfruit is added as topping. Other variations include adding panna cotta, coconut cream or fruits in season as topping.

Jaja Batun Bedil

Just like Bubur Injin, jaja batun bedil is made from glutinous rice. This cake-like sweet treat is made from glutinous rice flour, water, tapioca starch and a pinch of salt to taste. The ingredients are mixed together to form a sticky dough. Then the dough is shaped into little balls and boiled in water for 10 minutes.

balinese-sweets Jaja Batun Bedil
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Once the balls are cooked, they are served with brown sugar sauce and freshly grated coconut. Again, there will be variations to the recipe but the main ingredients remain the same.