Preparing for your family vacation to Bali is very exciting! Planning where to stay and what you’ll see and do is half the fun. While you’re planning it’s also a good idea to prepare any emergency contacts you may need while in Bali. It’s always better to be prepared when you’re far from home. Here are some of the most important Bali emergency numbers to note down.

Bali Emergency Numbers

The main emergency number in Bali is 112. It’s similar to the North American Rescue 911 Hotline. However, unlike 911, when you’re calling 112 you need to include a country and area code if you’re using a foreign SIM. If you are using a local SIM, you should dial 0361 first then the emergency number. If your SIM is international, you should dial +62 361 first then the emergency number. If you are using a local landline, you may simply dial the emergency number directly.

Police stations and hospitals staff in the main tourist regions usually speak and understand English. If you’re in a remote area, it’s best to have someone who can speak the local language. If you need to take someone to the hospital quickly, it could be better to take a cab rather than wait for the ambulance. Moreover, the locals are very approachable and are willing to help out anyone in need.

Here are the main numbers you can call during an emergeny:

Remember that area codes a different for each area of Bali. So be sure to know the area of the regions you’ll be traveling through while in Bali.

  • 0361 South Bali
  • 0362 North Bali
  • 0363 East Bali
  • 0365 West Bali
  • 0368 Bedugul

Bali Hospital Contacts

Here’s a list of the different hospitals and medical clinics you may contact in case of emergency:

Other Helpful Contacts

Here are another few agencies and organizations that can provide your family help during an emergency. For other useful numbers, such as your foreign consulate, please refer to our Bali Emergency Contact guide.