A Few Helpful Tips for Safe Swimming Bali!

As parents safety is always a priority when hanging out at the beach with your family. Below are a few tips to keep the little ones out of harm’s way when frolicking on the beautiful beaches of Bali:

Plan Ahead with Swimming Lessons

If you’re bringing the children to the beach for the first time, plan ahead. Start by taking the kids to swimming lessons before you leave for your trip. They’ll learn the basics of swimming, and know what to avoid when they’re in the water. By the time you arrive in Bali, your kids will be more confident swimmers.

Trust Your Gut

Never let a child get into the water alone. If your kids want to dip their toes in the water, keep a watchful distance. You’d be surprised at how many little kids are knocked over by a surprise wave. If you feel that the water is too rough for the kids, don’t let them swim.

Ask a Local Expert

Once you’re on the beach, approach a lifeguard. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Which part of the beach is safest for toddlers? Where are the most dangerous areas of water? When’s the best time for children to swim? If someone in your family doesn’t know how to swim, let the lifeguard know.

Petugas Badan Penyelamat Wisata Tirtha (Balawista) Kabupaten Badung memasang bendera rambu-rambu larangan berenang menyusul adanya seruan kewaspadaan dampak Tsunami Chili, di Pantai Kuta, Bali, Kamis (3/4). Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah sebelumnya telah mengeluarkan himbauan bagi masyarakat dan wisatawan untuk menjauhi pantai namun aktifitas wisatawan masih tetap berjalan normal. ANTARA FOTO/Nyoman Budhiana/ss/Spt/14.

Knowing and Avoiding Riptides

Sometimes, the calmest looking water could be the most dangerous. A riptide is a channel of water that flows from the beach and out to the sea. The water is pushed by the waves until it reaches the ocean. Areas, where riptide occurs, are very deep and very dangerous. If you see a section of the beach where waves are not breaking, there could be riptide in that area. Look closer, if the whitewater disappears in certain areas of the beach, do not venture near it.

Exploring Unfamiliar Waters

New bodies of waters always have their own challenges, even for great swimmers. Start by learning more about the water. You can ask a lifeguard to figure out potential problems before letting the kids out to swim. Always remember, even the most inviting area of the water could be dangerous. If you see a beautiful part of the beach free of swimmers, there could be a reason for it. It could be full of jellyfish, there might be a riptide, etc. Be sure to explore the waters first before diving in!

If you have any questions about where to swim with kids in Bali be sure to ask! Also, check out our post on 3 of Bali’s best family-friendly beaches.