We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when you’re in an island paradise like Bali, you want the pictures to do all the talking! You can always use a selfie stick to take pictures with the whole family, but it’s often worth your time and money to take it a step further and hire a professional to photograph your family. Today, we are listing 3 great family photographers in Bali:

Aditi Niranjan Photography

Aditi Niranjan literally means “infinite purity” in Sanskrit. The studio was developed around connecting with the traditional Balinese culture, and celebrating local artists in the island. Aditi Niranjan Photography started out in wedding photography but eventually crossed over to family photography.

The business started in 2006 and has since then be known as one of the top photography companies in Bali. The friendly staff makes it easier for the family members, especially the kids, to be comfortable during the shoot.

Gusde Photography

This photo company is a partnership between multi-awarded photographers Gusde, Mario, and Adiwarna. The staff and photographers of Gusde Photography pride themselves for creating pictures that capture authentic moments. They specialize in both wedding photography and family portrait photography.

Dominik Photography

Dominik Photography is yet another company that began as wedding photographers in Bali. Eventually, they ventured and thrived in family photography. Aside from the indoor studio photography, Dominik Photography offers outdoor photo services in key locations on the island for that perfect Bali photo. Depending on the budget and needs of the clients, photo sessions may last from about two hours up to an entire day. If you don’t want to keep the photos in a conventional album, Dominik Photography offers an array of photo album designs to choose from.