Many of us come to Bali to relax, bond with the whole family and get close to nature. The island offers no limit of amazing opportunities to do so. However, staying at one of the amazing resorts, surrounded by rainforest is truly an experience your family will not forget!  Check out these Bali rainforest retreats:

Svarga Loka

Located along the tranquil riverbanks of Campuhan river in Ubud, Svarga Loka is a spa and resort that promises the ultimate in relaxation! Svarga refers to one of the seven planes in Hindu cosmology. It is a “transitory place” where righteous souls await until they attain moksha.

The facility is a fusion between traditional and modern amenities. Each room boasts of a terrace that overlooks the lush gardens below. There are wellness treatments, yoga facilities, and even airport transfer. The Svarga Loka resort comes complete with free Wi-Fi access, swimming pool and en suite bathroom. It’s best for small families with older kids (12 years old and above). Each guest will be treated to a complimentary wellness, arts, and crafts as well as cooking lessons.

Rijasa Agung Resort

Situated at the heart of the tropical rainforest of Ubud, Rijasa Agung Resort features an outdoor pool overlooking the majestic Mount Batukaru. Rijasa Agung Resort and Villas is located 20 miles from central Ubud. The area is remote, but there is a free shuttle that will take guests straight to Ayung River where the resort is located.

Every room at Rijasa Agung Resort and Villas boasts of a panoramic view of the Ayung river. The facility offers everything from an infinity pool to a two-level restaurant that serves local and international cuisine.

Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort

If you and the whole family love the idea of camping, then try Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort! The resort offers eight luxurious tents. Each one comes with its own private terrace. Guests can go trekking, bird watching or explore the paddy fields nearby. There are bicycles provided so you and your loved ones can explore the forest.

Apart from the nature tours and the spa, Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort is located near the hot springs! As for food, the chef will prepare your meals on the spot through the traditional-style open restaurant. You can also customize any dish, according to your liking.

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