Bali is full of amazing ice cream parlors, but Lycklig’s has an interesting way of serving everyone’s favorite frozen dessert. Using a combination of nitrogen and milk, they create a hybrid frozen delight that doesn’t melt easily, despite the Bali heat! The liquid nitrogen doesn’t affect the taste or texture of the ice cream, but instead prevents the ice cream from melting – a problem we’ve all dealt with – all thanks to science!

Photo Credit: Bali Koala

Apart from the innovative way of serving their bestselling dessert, Lycklig’s interior is just as interesting. The creamery is shaped like an igloo. Inside, ice cream-shaped seats sit in a cheery combination of lemon-yellow and white walls, spotted with colorful graffiti.So, when your kids are in need of a cold, tasty treat offer to take them to this Seminyak spot. Here are some of their most loved treats:

Crunchy Donut

Fried donut and jelly seems like an unusual pairing, but it works. So much so that Crunchy Donut is almost always sold out. The yummy concoction is made of a glazed Crispy Crème doughnut, deep fried then crumbled into little pieces. Then, another Crispy Crème donut is laid out, topped with gelato and jelly and sprinkled lots of fried donut on top!

Rice Bubble Nutella

Everything is better covered in Nutella. This Lycklig favorite is comprised of two scrumptious ingredients: Nutella and rice crispies. These are used as the base for the ice cream. The result is an interesting marriage of textures, punctuated by velvety chocolate-hazelnut goodness. The ice cream is topped off with a generous helping of chocolate syrup and more rice crispies on top.

Cookies and Cream

Photo Credit: Bali Koala

This is a comforting mix of cream flavored ice cream and crushed Oreos! Cookies and Cream is the owner’s favorite ice cream flavor. In fact, he always finishes up a day of hard work with a cup of this massively popular frozen dessert. Adding nitrogen to the ice cream gives it a smooth, velvety texture. Combine that with a generous sprinkle of crushed Oreo cookies and you’ve got quite a tasty treat!

Apple Pie

Definitely a labor of love, Lycklig’s s Apple Pie ice cream is one of their popular signature flavors. Juicy, red apples are baked within a pastry to make an apple pie. Then, the pie is crumbled and mixed directly into the ice cream. The mixture is coated with apple crumble and finished off with a dash of cinnamon.

Have you tried one of these tasty treat? What did you think? What other awesome Bali ice cream spots do you know?