Waterbom Bali is a must-visit while you’re in Bali with kids. The sprawling water park features thrilling slides and water rides that will excite the entire family. If Waterbom isn’t on your itinerary, it should be. Your kids will have a blast, and the park is all about safety, so you can feel more at ease well your kids are having the time of their lives.

Waterbom is Safe & Fun!

The great thing about Waterbom is that it combines fun with safety. The rides are divided into three categories: mellow, moderate and extreme. For kids ages six and below, go for the mellow rides, and accompany the little ones. For older kids with an adventurous streak, choose the moderate rides. As for adults and teens, the extreme category offers high-octane water rides!

Apart from the water slides and rides, there are water cannons and jets. Safety gear – including life jackets – are also provided by Waterbom Park staff, and each ride is supervised by trained staff members.

What Does Waterbom Have to Offer?

The Python

One of the moderate rides in Waterbom is the Python. The Python is one of the biggest water slides in the whole park, snaking through the entire facility. A maximum of three people ride a circular tube and experience some head-spinning twists and turns. To end the watery roller coaster, riders are shot into the splash pool.

Super Bowl

This ride shoots riders down an aqua tube at breakneck speed, until they emerge into a huge funnel-like bowl called the Super Bowl! The ride has an enclosed tunnel slide that flushes riders into a huge splash pool. Be warned, this ride is not for very young children, and is best for teens and adults who love an adrenaline rush!

Green Vipers

Some water slides are so intimidating, you’ll wish yourself luck before diving  in. The Green Viper slides, which is the park’s pièce de résistance, never fails to strike fear into the hearts of the most daring of riders.

The 19.62-meter high ride features fiberglass body slides that are six meters high. The ride is pretty high, but it’s actually very safe and sturdy. However, since it’s part of the more extreme rides, only riders taller than 110 cm are allowed for the open body slide. For the enclosed body slide, riders must be taller than 100 cm.

Lazy River

If mind-numbing water slides and heart-pounding water rides aren’t your cup of tea, you can always relax at the Lazy River. Guests will ride on a tube raft, which will drift gently onto the calm man-made river.

What’s your favorite Waterbom ride? Let us know!