When it comes to food, Balinese cuisine is definitely diverse. And there’s no better way to experience a culture than through food! When the temperature is rising and you need a cool pick-me-up, these scrumptious Bali desserts will cool you down in no time!

Cendol or Es Dawet

Nothing hits the spot quite like a tall glass of cendol! Cendol is not unique to Indonesia. In fact, variations of this ice cold dessert are seen in other Asian countries including Malaysia and Singapore. This drink is originally from Thailand, but the Balinese gave the cendol a scrumptious twist! Just like most street foods in Bali, cendol is often sold by the roadside. It’s made with green jelly, coconut milk and shaved ice. It’s served in a tall glass and finished off with various toppings!

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Kolak Pisang

This dessert can be served hot or cold. It’s made from a stew of bananas, cassava, sweet potato, pumpkin and coconut milk. The ingredients are cut into bite-sized pieces, stewed over rich coconut milk then sweetened with palm sugar. What you get is a goopy, rich and sweet dessert!

Just like cendol, this filling dessert is often sold by the road. Women and even entire families are involved in putting together this tasty treat!

Bubuh Injin

Don’t let appearances fool you, this black rice pudding is creamy, delicious and very filling. It can be served hot and cold. Bubuh Injin is made from a combination of sticky black rice, pandan leaves and red palm sugar. It’s best enjoyed with several slices of bananas or jackfruits then topped with coconut milk!

Es Teler

Rounding up our list of delicious cold desserts in Bali is Es Teller. Es Teller is a very simple dessert, but it’ll cool you down especially when eaten on a hot afternoon by the beach! This ice cold dessert is made from shredded young coconut meat, generous slices of avocado and juicy slivers of jackfruit. The ingredients are mixed over shaved ice. The end result is a fragrant, succulent dessert best eaten on summer days!

Photo Credit: Mama Miyuki

What’s your favourite ice cold Bali dessert? Don’t be shy and let us know!