Take a Dip in one of Bali’s Natural Hot Springs

Bali is full of amazing white, sandy beaches and awesome waves. But, if you’re open to other ways to submerge yourself, Bali also has many natural hot springs to explore! Imagine relaxing in a natural hot spring, surrounded by lush forest, right in the heart of Bali! What could be better? Check out these hot springs Bali has on offer:

Banjar Hot Springs

When talking about natural springs in Bali, Banjar Hot Springs is the first thing that comes to mind. The Balinese locals call this famous tourist spot Air Panas Banjar. Bathing pools made of natural stones were built around the main hot spring source. The pool is also divided in different tiers by dragon water spouts. The sulfuric water is naturally yellow with red sedimentation. The hot spring is renowned for its healing waters. It can cure anything from painful joints to swollen muscles! Hungry? There are nearby restaurants and stores within the area.

Angseri Hot Springs

If you prefer a more secluded area to enjoy hot springs, go to Angseri Hot Springs. Have a relaxing dip in their private spring baths while overlooking the rice paddies, bamboo forests, and palm trees. Not many people know about this place. Because it’s remote, it’ll take a little effort to get to the hot springs, but it’s worth the trip!

Guests also have the option of standing under a cascading waterfall adjacent to a public pool for a natural water massage. The hot springs have a small area for bathing if you want to freshen up after a dip in the hot springs. Near the hot springs are various warungs that serve local fare.

Yeh Panes Hot Springs

Located in the middle of rice paddies, the water at the Yeh Panes Hot Springs can refresh the mind and body. The hot spring features a central pool connected to the Yeh Panes River. The small pools are located by the terrace that overlooks the hillside. The healing water of the springs come from the Batukaru mountain, which flows into the Penatahan village where the hot spring is located.

Photo Credit: Soaking in Southeast Asia

Are you game to give any of these a try?