One of the trendiest water attractions in Bali is sea walking. This attraction started in Japan, then became popular in other Asian countries, including Bali. Everyone 10 years old and above can try this amazing underwater tour. You’ll be hooked with a special helmet and dropped in shallow waters to “walk” on the bottom of the ocean and marvel at the colorful marine life below!

The helmet is hooked to oxygen tanks, allowing each person to breathe while underwater. Because the helmet is fitted with a clear pane of glass, you get an amazing view of the ocean floor. The helmet may look heavy but it only weighs 12 pounds underwater so kids as young as ten can wear it comfortably.

Bali Seawalker tours are available in Sanur or Tanjung Benoa. Each tour lasts about 30 minutes. If you or the kids are afraid of the water, it’s nice to know that certified and experienced instructors guide and conduct the tour. Even those who have zero experience in diving can sign up!

Check out some of these awesome images and head down to Seawalker to have your own underwater experience!

Photo Source: Putu Bali Tour Guide

Photo Source: Bali Water Sport

Photo Source: Bali Hello Travel

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