Surfing is an exciting way to get active kids out on the water! Taking your kids to one of these gorgeous beaches in Bali is going to be an experience they really remember, especially if they’re an ardent surfer (or on the way to becoming one!). Bali Kids Guide has put together this list of awesome surf spots for your kids to try surfing at so make time to check one of these out while you’re in Bali:

Contrary to popular belief, surfing isn’t for adults alone. It’s a sport that even kids as young as eight can get into. And thanks to a variety of surfing schools in Bali, kids can hone their surfing skills safely. Bali is known for its big waves, but there are spots where the swells are small enough for the kiddos to ride. In today’s post, we are listing down the best surfing spots for beginners and kids:

Kuta Beach – Bali’s most iconic surf spot

Let’s start our list with the most popular of all surf spots in the island, Kuta! Kuta is many things and being one of the best surfing spots in Bali is one of them! Kuta’s swells are perfect for beginners thanks to the soft tide and average wave size. It’s the best place to start for those who want to try white water surfing for the first time. It can be super crowded, so bear that in mind – but it will be very easy to find a teacher and a board to hire!

Photo Credit: Surfers Village

Because it’s one of the most popular surf spots in Bali, there are several lifeguards on the lookout at all times. You don’t have to worry about the waves being a little too strong for the kids because there are plenty of lifeguards who are more than happy to assist first-time surfers. The only problem? Kuta is always packed. So if the kids plan to go surfing, there’s a good chance that a hundred others will surf with them too.

Canggu – the ‘hipster’ among Bali surf spots

Canggu is perfect for older kids who are ready for a little challenge. Canggu is a secluded beach that attracts hundreds of professional and newbie surfers all over the world. The beach offers sandy beach breaks that are ideal spots for polishing up on your wave riding!

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Apart from being a great surfing spot, Canggu is also one of the best beaches to bring the kids along. Canggu features relaxing surf with average height waves. Although this surfing spot is only 30 minutes away from Kuta, it’s not crowded at all. You can expect a calm beach and it’s not nearly as developed as other surf spots in the island too.

Legian Beach – Kuta’s little sister

In a lot of ways, Legian beach is very similar to Kuta beach. That’s why most locals call it the sister resort to Kuta Beach! Featuring soft ripples and steady, medium-sized waves, Legian beach swells reach an average of three feet! Kids as young as eight can learn how to ride the waves in Legian thanks to several surf schools in the area.

Photo Credits: Trip Advisor

In fact, two of the best surf schools in Bali are located in Legian: Rip Curl School of Surf and the Surf Academy at the Legian Beach Hotel. Both schools are accredited by the Australian Academy of Surfing Instructors so you know the kids are in good hands. Both academies offer a variety of surfing courses.

Seminyak Beach in Bali’s favourite expat community

Located just north of Legian, the beach of Seminyak is lined with fine grayish-white sand. The waves here are a little bigger than that of Kuta but still safe enough for those who are just learning to surf. The swells have lefts and rights with short lengths which are perfect for beginners.  A primary advantage of Seminyak is that it does not get as crowded as the more popular beaches near the area.

Photo Credit: Anantara Vacation Club

Tourists will find several establishments like the Ku De Ta along the beach offering a wonderful view of the waves. Several surfing schools are also located along the coast so you and your kids can enroll for a short training course.

Batu Bolong Beach

Located near the temple of the same name, Pantai Batu Bolong is known among expats as the “Echo beach.” Batu Bolong beach is ideal for beginners because the swells are under six feet tall, just enough for novices to conquer! The bottom of the beach is a flatbed rock, which makes it an ideal terrain for individuals who are surfing for the first time or those with intermediate surfing skill.

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With the Indian Ocean serving as a backdrop, Batu Bolong is a scenic beach tourist spot on its own. But surfers come because of its soft, rolling waves and unspoiled beauty! It’s no surprise that Batu Bolong is often used as a practice site for sunset surfers. The beach is only 30 minutes away from Kuta. Just behind the Pantai Batu Bolong temple are several warung that sell fresh and grilled seafood and bintang, a local drink.

Bingin Beach

Bingin is a favorite surfing spot among beginners and professional surfers alike. Each year, numerous surfing competitions are held in the beach thanks to Bingin’s perfect barrels created by the consistent waves.

Photo Credit: TNT Surf School Bali

But if you’re new to surfing, don’t fret! Bingin’s powerful waves are generated only at low tide. At high tide, the swells are softer, larger and more relaxed, creating gentle breaks for newbie surfers to conquer. Bingin is a favorite among kids who want to learn surfing too! Longboarders also take advantage of the calm waves during high tide to practice here.

Tuban Beach

Did you know that a white sand beach near the airport is a perfect surfing spot for novice surfers? Welcome to Tuban beach, a white sand beach that’s truly a paradise for those who are just getting into surfing.

Photo Credit: Odyssey Surf School

Apart from the calm swells that do not go over 5 feet, Tuban beach is filled with lifeguards to look after children who are trying to surf. Although this place can get crowded at times, it’s still not as busy as the more popular surf spots like Kuta and Canggu.

Up for a little challenge? If the mild waves are not enough for you, take a boat and go beyond the Tuban reef to check out the swells. But even then, the swells at Tuban Beach do not reach over 6 feet.


Located two hours north of Seminyak, Balian beach is a popular surfing site known for its sand that’s as black as the night! The waves typically break in two places: a small swell near the shore and a larger swell further out. The waves in Balian are usually mellow and slow, attracting beginners and woman surfers.

Photo Credit: Bali Surf Tours

Apart from being a great surfing destination for beginners, Balian beach is filled with warung that offer delicious, fresh and affordable snacks. This is an excellent place to try the nasi goreng because food rates are extremely cheap here.

Nusa Dua – the ‘Hollywood’ of surf spots

Although Nusa Dua is home to five-star resorts and hotels, there is a public beach where you can drive for free and park close to the shores. Two of the best surfing sites in the area are Mushroom Rock and Black Rock.For beginners, we recommend surfing at Black Rock. At Black Rock, the waves are mellow and slow. The waves at Mushroom Rock tend to be choppy and fast.

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Medewi Beach

The best times for beginners to surf at Medewi beach is at high tide. During this time, the swells do not go beyond its usual 8 feet! Near the beach, a long strip of warung, hotels, and restaurants await all guests. You can surf all day long and enjoy the mild, beginner-friendly waves and then nosh on fresh seafood and local fare as you watch Medewi’s picture perfect sunset!

Photo Credit: Runa Lever