Fun + Learning: A Round-Up of the Best Holiday Camps for Kids in Bali

Vacationing in Bali is even more fun for the kids if you enroll them in a holiday camp! Good thing there are loads of holiday camps in the island, each one catering to specific interests and hobbies! Let the kids learn and hone their skills while having fun. Below is a round-up of our favorite kiddie holiday camps in Bali:

Anak Atelier

Anak Atelier is an International school and learning centre that offer various summer programs geared towards kids of all ages as well as short-term courses in sports, art-making and performance art. The centre aims to develop the skills and uncover talents of children through sports and art.

Photo credit: Anak Atelier

Apart from the classroom-based curriculum, Anak Atelier has a playground where most of the outdoor holiday activities are conducted. The holiday camp runs from Mondays to Fridays and activities include storytelling, cooking, painting, doing Yoga and so much more. All programs are headed by qualified and experienced education professionals.

Junior Sports Academy

For kids who love sports and active play, we recommend enrolling the little ones to the Junior Sports Academy! The Junior Sports Academy holiday camp aims to teach kids ages 3 to 17 new skills in a fun, creative environment! Every program is customized to suit boys and girls at every age level!

Photo credit: JS Bali

You can enroll the children 3 to 5 to the Junior Sport Academy while kids age 6 and up can join the JSA Multi-Sport and JSA Sports Specific. For children ages 10 and onwards, they can join the JSA Adventure Camp! All programs are conducted at the Canggu club, giving parents and children a safe and accessible place for adventures. The programs are scheduled after school on weekdays and Saturday mornings during the weekends.

The Garden Early Learning Centre

Still in Canggu, the Garden Early Learning Centre is a learning centre and a kids club in one. The program offers indoors and outdoors activities such as storytelling, arts and crafts, games suitable for kids age 2 to 12! This is the perfect holiday camp for families who are visiting the island during the summer season and want the kids to get the most out of the experience!

Photo credit: The Garden Bali

There’s also a program for toddlers 15 months to 5 years old. Early Learning Centre is comprised of 4 large classrooms, providing a fun yet enriching environment for young learners. The centre also features a large playroom where kids can learn how to make art, win friends and hone their skills.

Umalas Kids Club

Umalas Kids Club provides early education so young learners will succeed in life! The program is available for kids ages 5 and up. The centre believes that kids learn more by socializing and playing with other kids. At Umalas Kids Club, kids are allowed to explore, experiment, and discover their skills! The program is guaranteed to stimulate the minds of the little ones, inspire them to dream all while having fun!

Photo credit: Umalas Kids Club

Of course, Umalas Kids Club is also a safe and secure haven for kids. The centre offers education all year round. There are drop-off and pick-up procedures to ensure the safety of the children.

Green Camp Bali

Green Camp Bali is not just reserved for kids; the school is also letting the grownups in on the fun! Kids and kids at heart are guaranteed to have the time of their lives exploring the beautiful Balinese landscapes, learn more about conscientious efforts to preserve the environment and understand the importance of living green!

If your kids love to explore, then this is the perfect program to choose. The curriculum offers everything from cooking to gardening as well as exploration, adventurous activities and so much more!

Thumbs Up Bali

For kids who love heart-pounding adventures, such as kayaking, surfing, paintball, and wrestling, this camp is highly recommended! The Thumbs Up Bali camps are designed to challenge your kids physically and mentally! The centre provides an amazing selection of stimulating exercises and activities that will make their summer vacation truly unforgettable.

Thumbs Up Bali is geared towards adventure seeking kids ages 5 to 15! Most of the activities are sports-focused to develop the athletic performance of children, helping them hone their skills, maintain focus and of course, have lots of fun!

Bali Equestrian Centre

The Bali Equestrian Centre (BEC) is the largest horseback riding school in the island. This is a great holiday camp for kids who love animals or dreamed about riding (or owning) a pony! The centre is also a great school for aspiring equestrians. Bali Equestrian Centre employs professional instructors to guide the kids as they learn the sport. Aside from learning to ride a horse, kids also get to understand how to take care of these majestic creatures.

The program includes day camps and rides to the beach or across nearby villages. The facility also features an in-house restaurant and a pool area. There’s also a large playground where kids can participate in games with other kids. It’s a great place for families to spend the holidays as while exploring the Balinese landscapes.

Superhero Factory Bali

Let your kids spend the summer like their favorite superhero! At the Superhero Factory Bali, every child can train to move like superheroes on their parkour inspired gym. The facility features a massive playground where kids can whiz around and perform ninja-like moves on the climbing wall or jungle gym bars. Certain parts of the facility feature padded floors for safety.

The parkour obstacle course may be modified to challenge even the most driven superhero! This allows expert CrossFit athletes and novice freestylers to bounce around on the inflatable figures that are attached to each other through Velcro.

Bali Artemedia

Enhance your child’s artistic skills at the Bali Artemedia. Throughout the year, creative classes are open to kids 4 years old and up. The learning centre is managed by artists who will gently coax the kids to let their imagination run wild! It’s the perfect holiday camp for aspiring artists and creative kids who want to learn all the secrets of the great artists.

The program all types of art-making activities, including painting, drawing, as well as advanced programs for manga comics-making, photography, and pottery! The art materials as well as snacks and meals are inclusive of the program.

If we missed anything, let us know!