There is never a shortage of fun things to do in Bali, especially for kids looking for adventures. Check out our list of fun activities for kids in Bali to make your trip even more exciting for the kiddos!

Fun Learning at Pondok Pekak Library

Photo credit: Pondok Pekak

While the word “library” doesn’t usually scream fun for kids, a trip to the Pondok Pekak Library presents plenty of engaging ways to educate children about local culture and art-making. Pondok Pekak offers classes from fruit and wood carving to mastering traditional Indonesian dances and jewelry making, Pondok Pekak Library offers unique courses for kids and adults alike. The facility is managed by skilled professionals to ensure your kids are having the time of their lives while learning something new every day!

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Walking with the Fishes

Walking in the ocean, is it possible? Only with Seawalker in Bali! Bring the kids to the ultimate underwater adventure and discover the unspoiled beauty of Nusa Dua’s coral reefs.

Photo credit: Bali Hello Travel

You will take a boat ride from the Grand Mirage Resort to a dive spot, where the kids will be fitted with a special helmet that allows them to explore the bottom of the ocean and “walk” with the fishes! Don’t worry, the helmets are perfectly safe. Throughout the whole experience, professional divers are always ready to guide and assist you and the children to ensure safety.

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Safari Adventure at Bali Safari & Marine Park

If your little nature lovers want to get up close and personal with wild animals, then a trip to the Bali Safari & Marine Park is in order! Featuring over 60 species of animals, including tigers, monkeys, lions and zebras, Bali Safari & Marine Park guarantees tons of fun of the whole family!

Photo credit: Bali Safira Tour

The animals are contained in an enclosure that mimics their natural habitat. This way, the they are less stressed. Also, there’s a great freshwater aquarium to keep the kids entertained for hours. There’s also a guided night safari where kids can check out the Komodo dragons, tigers, lemurs, and bats.

After touring the park, cool down in the water park within the grounds!

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Meet the Monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest

Here’s a different kind of adventure for kids that love to get close to nature! The Sacred Monkey Forest is a natural reserve where more than 600 Macaque monkeys roam the facility, greeting guests and even sneakily going through your bag! Don’t worry, the monkeys are quite tame but naughty! At the heart of the monkey jungle is a Hindu temple complex that attracts hundreds of tourists.

Photo credit: Indonesia Tourism

The people behind the facility’s conservation efforts are to care for the environment within the forest according to the Hindu principle of Tri Hata Karana. The principle of Tri Hata Karana is to seek harmony between people throughout their lives.

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Treat Yourselves at Think Pink Nails

Photo credit: Think Pink

For little kids who love to get their nails done, we recommend a trip to Think Pink nail salon. Think Pink Nail Salon has everything you need to pamper hands and feet. It’s also the best place to get a cute manicure for your daughters. Dedicate a whole day of pampering by taking advantage of the salon’s free pick-up and drop-off service.

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Exhilarating Rides at Waterbom Waterpark

Waterbom is the first and biggest waterpark in Bali. Although there are newer water parks in the island, Waterbom Waterpark remains a favorite because of its giant slides, rides, and water cannons. Apart from the head-dizzying array of water activities, the park is also home to several restaurants, souvenir stores, and a spa.

Photo credit: Waterbom Bali

Those who plan to stay the whole day can rent private cabanas so they have a place to relax and people watch. Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided for those who rent these cabanas.

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Entertain the Children at Cubby House Kids Club

Cubby House Kids Club is a great place for active kids with plenty of time to explore. Located in Canggu at the Canggu Club, the clubhouse offers a colorful, engaging environment where kids can interact with others, learn new things and of course, have fun!

Photo credit: Cubby House Kids Club

Cubby House Kids Club receives children between 2 to 12 years old. The club is run by well-trained teachers and caregivers who are more than happy to look after the kids while the grownups spend time relaxing. Healthy, delicious foods and refreshments are also given to the kids during their stay.

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Getting Close to Nature at Bali Butterfly Park

There is nothing like bright coloured butterflies fluttering around to keep the kids busy for hours at a time! The Bali Butterfly Park is home to thousands of butterflies species that fly freely all over the 3,000 square-meter facility. These beautiful insects come in every conceivable color and size!

Photo credit: Vacation Bali Indonesia

Located in Wanasari village, which is about 30 kilometers northwest of Denpasar, the Bali Butterfly Park is a park and an insect sanctuary in one. Apart from butterflies, the facility houses arachnids and protected insect species. A tour at Bali Butterfly Park will teach kids how caterpillars turn into winged insects and the importance of preserving their natural habitat.

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Get a Bird’s Eye View at the Botanical Gardens

Photo credit: Bali Tree Top Adventure Park

Bali Treetop Adventure Park is great for the whole family. With 7 different circuits for all ages, kids as young as 4 are safe to climb into the trees. Challenge yourselves on all kinds of obstacles while you take in the views of the beautiful botanical gardens. The cooler, fresher air and lots of space for kids to run make a welcome break from the busy tourist areas.

These are just a small selection of fun things to do with kids in Bali, but there are just way too many experiences to list. Make sure to research all the things you want to do so you don’t run out of time!

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