Renting a pool fence in Bali can prevent the dreaded situation of that moment when you turn to reach for your sunglasses, drink or towel and suddenly your little one is tearing towards the pool. Most parents have experienced that awful sinking feeling and never want it to happen again.

Pool fences are rarely used in Bali, so if you’re renting a villa with a pool it’s extremely important to understand the dangers and also how to prevent accidents. Thankfully renting a pool fence is now much more common and is a quick and easy way to keep the kids away from the pool when they are unsupervised.

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What is a Pool Fence?

A pool fence is a barrier installed around a swimming pool to keep children away from the water. Pool fences can be made from wood, metal, glass or strong netting and lock securely to discourage unsupervised swimming.

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In Australia pools are required by law to be fenced to prevent drowning. This isn’t the case in Bali, so most villas and hotels don’t have pool fences, but you can arrange the rental of one and have it installed before you arrive.

Why Rent a Fencing System?


Of course, the primary reason why you want to fence the pool is to keep curious children away from the water. With a fenced pool the kids are free to roam and explore the outside space and get accustomed to their new surroundings without incident. Because you can see through the fence, you get a clear view of the pool even if you are inside the villa.

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If you are renting pool fences, we recommend getting those with no handholds or footholds. This way, the kids cannot climb over the barrier. The recommended height of pool fences by the CDC is at least 4 feet.

Protection for Pets

Children are not the only ones protected by pool fences, even curious pets should be kept away from the water. It is nearly impossible for most pets to jump over or climb a 4-foot fence so renting and installing a pool fence is an excellent way to keep Fido out of trouble!

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Also, pool fences can keep out wild animals that might be wandering around. With a barricade around the pool, unwanted guests are kept away! The fence also ensures that feral animals won’t relieve themselves or drink water from the pool.

They are Easy to Install and Remove

Pool fences are quite heavy so installing them on your own can be a pain, but don’t fret, if you hire a service they’ll do all the installation for you. This is a plus especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or want the fence to be secure before you arrive on holiday. It’s also great because you can always call the service provider for repairs if the fence gets damaged.

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Apart from having the fences installed, they are also removed by the service provider. Once your vacation is over, the service crew will come to disassemble the pool fence.

They’re Affordable!

The average cost of renting pool fence starts at about IDR 1.5 million or AUD $140 for a week’s use plus $50 for installation and delivery fee. This rate is based on 20 meters of pool fence. The price could go up if you require a larger fence system, choose a different material, or have a longer stay.

Usually, a service provider will check the pool first to estimate the amount of fence required. After a price and date are agreed upon, they will install the fences; it’s that easy!

Peace of Mind

Dealing with very young children in a potentially unsafe environment is stressful and you don’t want worries like that on your hard-earned holiday in paradise!

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Having pool fence installed is the best way to keep your mind off potential accidents involving your kids or pets. When the pool is not in use you can simply lock the gate! Renting a pool fence ensures a safe, secure holiday, especially if you have curious toddlers who love to explore and try new things.

If you are staying in a hotel, villa within a hotel, or a private villa contact the managers directly to see about the possibility of installing a pool fence. If they do not offer this service you will need to contact one of the pool fence rental companies below to arrange it yourself.

Bali Pool Fence Hire
Bali Villa Pool Fence
Bali Happy Baby
Bali Villa Related Services
Bali Rental Service
Bali Fence Pool

There are a number of villas that offer pool fencing as part of their service or for a small fee. This could save you having to arrange one yourself.

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Rumi Villas
Indah Balangan Villas
Kemah Tinggi
Villa Suarone
Uma Sapna
Space Villas

You’ve probably worked hard and saved up for your holiday in Bali so save yourself the worry of having to watch your children like a hawk around the pool. The few minutes it will take to organize a pool fence will allow you to unwind knowing your little ones are safe.