Nothing better than a gelato treat on a hot day in sunny Bali! Bali has loads of gelato parlours offering this popular dessert in a range of eye popping flavours.  There is something for everyone, including kids who are very fussy eaters! Want to know the best place to get gelato in Bali? Check out Bali Kids Guide’s 11 Fabulous Bali Gelato recommendations below:

#1 Gaya Gelato, Ubud

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Gaya Gelato offers handcrafted gelato using the freshest ingredients like nuts, coffee, fruits, nutmeg, and more. They do not use preservatives and offer classic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. One scoop costs only Rp25,000 and two scoops costs RP 35,000. The founders, who are an Italian couple, believe that the best tasting gelato is one made from simple ingredients.

#2 Gusto Gelateria

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Gusto Gelateria offers a great selection of classic and exotic gelato flavours and comfortable seating meant to let guests bond over ice cream! Their bestsellers are the chili chocolate gelato, choco mint, dragon fruit, guava, apple, and tamarilla. A small cup or cone costs only RP 28,000. You can combine two different flavors in one cup so this is a great way to sample more flavors.

#3 Massimo Il Ristorante

Massimo Il Ristorante specializes in authentic Italian gelato. Italian chef Massimo Sacco creates a fabulous selection of gelato flavors using fresh fruits, nuts, and local spices. A must try is their Stracciatella, which features a vanilla gelato base topped with crunchy chocolate bits. Customers can choose between milk chocolate or go traditional with dark. Another favorite is the Amarena, which features generous chunks of luscious Italian cherries mixed with milk.

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#4 Lello Lello, Seminyak

Lello Lello is a chic little gelato shop located near Seminyak Beach. The shop features exquisite interior décor, comfy seating and an extension array of desserts. Of course, the star of the show is the gelato. In fact, the shop’s motto says it all: “Without gelato, there would be darkness and chaos”. Lello Lello boasts of classic Italian flavors as well as exotic flavors to please the Balinese palate. Their bestsellers are the like dragon fruit, orange chocolate, pandan, and orange chocolate gelato. Apart from frozen Italian desserts, Lello Lello also offers savory dishes, curries, and European appetizers.


#6 WaLa Gelato, Jimbaran

WaLa Gelato prides itself for using organic, fresh ingredients to come up with zany selections of flavors such as mangosteen or pandan gelato and eclairs. WaLa Gelato’s ice cream parlor is decorated with retro furnishing including pop art and cool decals. This gelato spot sits near the hotel’s lagoon-style swimming pool, lending a nice view among guests. Apart from desserts, WaLa Gelato also offer freshly brewed coffee and savory snacks.

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#7 Gelato Secrets

For staff members at Gelato Secrets, gelato-making is part art, part science. This gelato spot utilizes age-old Italian ice cream making, using the finest ingredients to create a mouthwatering selection of flavors. All desserts are free from artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives. Exotic flavors made from local fruits and spices are also available for adventurous gelato lovers! Gelato Secrets has branches all over Bali, 3 in Ubud, another in Sanur and in Seminyak. So wherever you are, there’s a Gelato Secrets near you!

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#8 Gelato Factory

Gelato Factory is founded a group of Italian friends who fell in love with Bali and wants to share this delicious dessert to locals. Gelato Factory specializes in homemade artisanal gelato using fresh, organic local ingredients. As far as flavors go, there is something for everyone even very young kids who love ice cream! Gelato Factory is unique for its cool selection of gelato smoothies. The smoothies feature a smooth blend of gelato, fresh fruits in season and yogurt. Also, try the waffle sandwiches, they are divine. We highly recommend bringing the kids here because the dessert menu is off the charts delicious!

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#9 Icelab, Kuta

Taste a spoonful and you’ll discover why Icelab is one of the most popular Bali gelato spots in Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Icelab takes gelato making to a completely different level, creating an amazing range of gelato using state of the art techniques and machines. Every scoop is guaranteed authentic, perfect in smoothness, density, and texture. Apart from its impressive gelato menu, Icelab also offers party packages, hosting a range of special events such as weddings, birthday parties and office parties.

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#10 Italo Gelato, Sanur

Serving up all-natural desserts in the Sanur area, Italo Gelato brings together relaxing atmosphere, good music and delicious desserts in one stylish shop! Italo Gelato prides itself for its authentic gelato made from all-natural ingredients. Because this gelato spot loves fresh, local ingredients, you can expect unique flavors offered in very generous serving! Apart from gelato, Italo Gelato also offers savory pastries, sandwiches, breakfast items and paninis.

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#11 Frozen Yogi, Ubud

Not a gelato, but we feel like Frozen Yogi needs an honourable mention! A superhealthy option, full of probiotics, completely fat-free while remaining a sweet, tart, and tasty treat on a hot day in Bali. Yum!!

Bali Gelato For the Win!

If we missed your favourite Bali Gelato spot, please let us know so we can include it!