10 Kids Clubs Bali For Kids Who Love to Play

If you’re looking for a hotels or resorts with kids clubs Bali will make you very happy! There are plenty of kids clubs in Bali  where littlies can make friends and have a ball while you take a breather.  In today’s post, we are rounding up some of the best kids clubs Bali has to offer:

#1 Play @ Sheraton

Play@Sheraton is one of the brand-spankin’-new kids club in Sheraton Bali Kuta resort. The kids club provides a safe, fun environment for kids to play, learn and make friends. The idea behind Play@Sheraton is based on “Edu-tainment,” merging learning and fun through engaging, educational activities that will bring out the best in your child!

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Play@Sheraton is one of the brand-spankin’-new kids clubs Bali has to offer in Sheraton Bali Kuta resort. The kids club provides a safe, fun environment for kids to play, learn and make friends. The idea behind Play@Sheraton is based on “Edu-tainment,” merging learning and fun through engaging, educational activities that will bring out the best in your child!

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Play@Sheraton accepts children ages 3 to 12 years old. During check-in, each child will receive an exclusive loot bag that offers all the right tools the child need to have fun!

#2 Westin®Nusa Dua Kids Club

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Being one of the most family-friendly hotel resorts in the island, it’s no surprise that the Westin Nusa Dua has one of the most impressive kids clubs Bali offers! The kids club is made specifically for young, curious travelers who love adventures. The facility features a 12-meter waterslide in the freshwater pool, a cool garden corner, and a huge playground.

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The Westin® Kids Club is divided into three categories; each one corresponds to a specific age group.

The toddlers area accepts children ages 3 years old and above. The facility features shaded playground complete with slides, toys, and swings. On the inside, there is a Lego set, bunk beds and huge floor cushions for mid-morning or afternoon naps.

The teen zone is for adolescents 12 years and above. The whole facility features seat pods with all the gaming consoles available: Xbox, Wii, PS4 and more. There is also a library, computers, and a home theater.

#3 Kupu Kupu Kid’s Club@Bali Dynasty Resort

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The Kupu-Kupu kids club  at Bali Dynasty Resort is a massive, 256 square-meters, two-floor kids zone packed with all the awesome tools and activities guaranteed to give the kiddos the time of their life!

The club area is divided into two sections. The first section is the ground floor with an “Enchanted Garden” theme. The ground floor caters for kids ages 4 to 10. The first floor is called, “The Den” and it’s meant for older kids, ages 10 to 16 years old. The Den features multiple game consoles and seat pods, an entertainment area for movie watching and a sports area.

Adjacent to the Kupu-Kupu kids club is the hotel’s Kids Water Fun Zone. The mini water park comes with waterslides, bubbler jets, pull ropes, water cannons and tipping troughs. On the north side of the park is a paddling pool for toddlers and babies! Beyond the paddy, pool is a new kids playground that comes with swings, climbing frame, seesaw, slides and so much more!

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Apart from providing a safe, secure place for fun and adventure, the Kupu-Kupu kids club also offer educational programs that introduce traditional Balinese crafts making and games.

#4 Jaspers Kids Club@The Stones Legian Bali

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The Stones Legian Bali is a premier hotel that offers a fabulous selection of activities for the whole family. After all, The Stones is one of the most kid-friendly resorts in the island!

For kids, the hotel offers a colorful haven that is readily accessible at no extra charge! The Jaspers Kids Club is open from 8 AM to 8 PM. The kids club is meant to give grownups the break they need while the kids can play, explore, learn and make friends with kids their age. The kids club accepts children 4 years up to 10 years old.

The kids club features colorful interiors and a huge play area filled with educational toys cushy bean bags, a small library, and an entertainment area. Activities include art making, face painting, storytelling, and active play!

#5 Lil’ Rock Kids Club @ Hard Rock Hotel

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The luxurious Hard Rock Hotel Bali is a haven for young travelers! Featuring an amazing array of amenities and activities, the Lil’ Rock Kids Club offers an indoor and outdoor play area suitable for smaller toddlers and big kids alike. The entire facility is supervised by trained staff for security.

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At the indoor play area, small kids can let their imagination run wild, building structures made out of clay or building blocks. The indoor area also features art materials, kiddie kitchen and game consoles. There’s also a small nap area complete with cozy beds and ambient light as well as a mini theater filled with comfy bean bags!

Outdoors, kids can join fun activities like wall climbing, dance classes, beach parties, and more. They have slides and swings, which were constructed to be specifically safe for kids.

#6 Mickey Kids Club @ Kuta Paradiso Hotel

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The Mickey Kids Club at Kuta Paradiso Hotel offers an array of activities for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. This kiddie club is free for kids to use as long as they are checked in the hotel. The kids club is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. The kids club is perfect for busy parents who want to let the kids have more time making friends and discovering new things.

Mickey Kids Club offers various sports activities and rides, art making and so much more. The instructors are happy to teach kids life-saving lessons such as like how to float in water in case they fall into a pool, treating wounds, and more.

Professionally trained staff members supervise the indoor and outdoor areas of the kids club.  For kids requiring a babysitter, the hotel offers child care services. Toddlers younger than 3 should be accompanied by a guardian or parent.

#7 Rascals Kids’ Club @ Baruna Bali Holiday Inn

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The Rascals Kids Club Bali at Baruna Bali Holiday Inn is also a haven for kids, filled with tons of toys, art materials, educational toys and so much more. The kid’s area features an entertainment zone where big kids can play video games and then another corner for puzzles, building blocks, etc.

Indoor and outdoor activities include photography, dress-ups, traditional Balinese dance, cooking classes, and more. They may also be assisted in making their own kites then send the finished product airborne in the outside play area.

The Rascals Kids’ Club is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM and is free for the kids of the hotel guests. Children below 4 years old are also welcome as long as parents or a guardian accompanies them. Babysitting services are also available, just inquire at the information desk.

#8 J Kids Club @ Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran

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The Le Meridien hotel in Bali is a favourite among tourists because of its child-friendly and family-centric amenities and facilities.  Its kids club, J Kids Club, presents a great selection of programs that will hone the skills and bring out the best in every child. The kids club offers learning through fun, engaging activities and classes in a safe and secured environment.

The J Kids Club is free for the children of in-house guests and is open from 8 AM to 7 PM. Different packages are available to guests to accommodate their preferences.

A popular choice is the Family Reunion Package, which aims to strengthen the bond between parents and kids. This package includes free meals for the kids including unlimited servings of ice cream.

#9 Marriott’s Kids Club @ Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak

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The Marriott’s Kids Club at Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak opened in 2011 to cater to the needs of guests who check-in as a family. Guests with kids from 3 to 12 years old receive complimentary entrance to the club which opens daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.

The kids club provides classes in singing, dancing, yoga, and performance art. They can also participate in exciting treasure hunts or read at the library reading books. There is a gaming zone where bigger kids can hang out. Kids can also learn by watching educational movies or take a dip at the outdoor pool. This is one of the kids clubs Bali offers that will make everyone happy from toddlers to teens and with loads of different activities on the schedule, your kiddos will never get bored.

#10 Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Kids Club

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Discovery Kartika Plaza’s kids club Bali is an awesome indoor and outdoor play area suitable for kids 5 to 12 years old.

The kids club features an indoor play area filled with books, educational toys, board games and colorful toys. The outdoor playground sits in the middle of a tropical garden. It features colorful slides, monkey bars, a hammock and other awesome rides.

The kids club is accessible to young guests at no extra cost. For kids under 5 years old, the child has to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. The hotel offers babysitting and child services at RP40.000 per hour per child.

Did we miss any? Got any information to add to our kids clubs Bali list? Let us know so we can make this a super helpful resource for parents for kids clubs Bali has to help families have an awesome holiday!