As Bali’s cultural heart, no surprise that Ubud offers an eye-popping array of sights and activities that will really help you get to know the real Bali. Really, there is something for everyone at Ubud. Are you ready to get to know this fun, fabulous hot spot? In today’s post, we are listing down the best things to do in Ubud, Bali with kids.

#1 Go Bird-Watching at Bali Bird Walk

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Bali Bird Walk was established in 1990 by ornithologist Victor Mason with a focus on conservation through education.  10% of the earnings from the bird walks are donated to conservation efforts. All paths lead to areas where over 100 different species of birds are found. Every tour is limited only to 20 people so book your visit ahead.

Tours are scheduled every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which begins at Murni’s Warung. The nature walks start at 9 AM and ends at 12:30 PM when the trail takes the group back to the Warung for lunch where a recap of the tour is held. For 37 bucks, you can book a guided tour inclusive of  lunch, drinking water. This is one of the best things to do in Ubud to really get to know the natural environment and give back a little.

#2 Explore the Mountains on a Bike

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See the lovely views of the Balinese mountains by going on a guided tour along off-road [Try Bali Eco Cycling]. The trails will take you across the remote regions of Ubud where you can see the wonderful sceneries of the island including bamboo and fruit groves, rice paddies, and the countryside. You’ll also pass through villages where there’s plenty of opportunities to meet the local and learn more about the local culture.

#4 Take a Thrilling Tube Ride!

Ride an inflatable tube  [Try Bali Quad Discovery Tours] as you glide on the slow but active Siap River inside the canyons of Kerta Village Payangan. This unique and exhilarating ride is perfect for thrill-seeking teens who love chest-pumping adventures! Safety is not an issue as well-trained guides accompany the customers at all times. Safety gears that meet the EEC standards will be provided to all guests!

While drifting on the river, you’ll find yourself surrounded by thick trees and shrubs. The best part about the trip? You’re bound to come across curious birds that are more than happy to give you their best angle! Definitely one of the best things to do in Ubud for the action lovers!

#5 Have Fun While Learning at Pondok Pekak Library

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If you’re looking for things to do in Ubud for your little craft lovers & bookworks, visit the Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre in Sebelah Timur Lapangan! The library boasts of a wide selection of children’s books in English and Bahasa Indonesia that are written by local and foreign authors. The library is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM.

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Apart from the books, the library also offers dance lessons, drums, and xylophone classes, and art classes to develop the artistic skills of children. The center also offers jewelry making, fruit carving, painting and wood carving courses to kids and adults alike.

#6 Eco-Tours

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For families who love to get close to nature, explore the Balinese landscapes and go sightseeing, we highly recommend signing up with an eco-tour as one of the best things to do in Ubud. Most travel agencies and even locals offer all sorts of nature tours at varying rates. If you want to get the most out of your money, we strongly recommend booking a tour with a reputable service.

The tour typically consists of a guided tour that will take you through the dense jungle of Ubud, check out the local wildlife and even take a dip at natural springs and/or waterfalls. The tour usually ends with a cup of kopi luwak or Civet coffee! Because most eco-tours require at least a half an hour walk and long drives, these excursions are best for families with older kids.

#7 Visiting the Bali Zoo

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Bali Zoo is a massive conservation facility that brings together wildlife, fun, and learning for kids of all ages. Apart from the impressive collection of animals from all over the world, Bali Zoo also presents a variety of entertaining activities for children and adults. As well as a zoo, there is also now a waterpark at Bali Zoo – and a fantastic restaurant.

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#8 Meeting New Friends at Ubud Indoor Playgrounds

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If you need to free an hour or two for a little R n’ R, why not drop the kids off to the nearest indoor playground in Ubud? These indoor playgrounds aren’t just secure, they present plenty of opportunities for the kids to meet other children, make friends and play!

If you are near the Sukawati area, the best indoor playground to check out is Bali Fun World. Bali Fun World brings together fun and learning in a stimulating environment that celebrates diversity and art!

Kidsworld Bali

On the other hand, if you are in the Pejeng area, then take the kids to Kidsworld. Kidsworld is the country’s largest inflatable play center. This indoor play center boasts of massive, crazy colorful inflatable castles, slides, trees and cartoon characters. There are huge trampolines where hyperactive kids can jump around, have fun and meet new friends!

#9 Desserts at Tutmak

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Tutmak is a large restaurant, café and juice bar. The café is known for its delicious desserts too! As a family-friendly restaurant, Tutmak is all about providing healthy dishes and beverages made from organically produced ingredients! Because everything on the menu is homemade from scratch, you know every dish is fresh!

After a long day of walking around and shopping, order one of Tutmak’s most popular health drinks or artisanal coffee and get yummy desserts for the kids!  Inside, the restaurant features comfy seating, low tables, and home-style decors. The first floor of the café is a great place to let the kids be kids.

#10 Shopping at Tegalalang

Tegalalang Crafts

If you or your kids love souvenirs, curious or kitschy decors then head to Tegalalang and check out small handicraft shops that offer colorful, unique home items every shape and size! Just the scenery itself makes this trip worth it, with absolutely stunning views over the rice field valleys. If you love breathtaking views and homewares, then this should be high up on your list of things to do in Ubud! You will also be amazed by all the craftworks, homewares and every kind of knick knack you can think of – many of which you may recognise as selling for 100x the price back home!

For kids, there are loads of bedroom decors, musical instruments, and accessories. Cool home items like fridge magnets, decorative mirrors, ornate jewelry boxes and other decors are available at very affordable prices.

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The best thing about shopping at Tegalalang? Everything’s a bargain.  With so many choices, there is something for everyone at Tegalalang.

#11 Check out the Ubud Monkey Forest

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The Sacred Monkey Forest is probably one of the most famous things to do in Ubud, with thousands of visitors visiting each week. The Monkey Forest spreads over a large area right in the heart of Ubud. The monkeys are well kept, given food and some veterinary care. Watching the monkeys is fascinating! If you’re nervous about visiting with kids, try parking on the Nyuh Kuning side of the forest where you can park in the carpark and watch the monkeys through the window. If you venture into the forest, make sure you don’t have any food on you or open bottles of water, as they will attract attention from the monkeys! Best to avoid taking in very small children who may shriek and frighten the monkeys.

#12 Make local friends on the football field Nyuh Kuning

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At 8.30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, local kids gather at the football field in picturesque Ubud village Nyuh Kuning to play soccer. Plenty of expat kids also join in and all are welcome. Watching kids play together and have fun without caring that they are from different cultures and can’t even speak the same language is a wonderful experience! Grab an icecream from one of the warungs lining the soccer field when you’re finished playing. Nyuh Kuning is one of the most beautiful villages in Ubud and very definitely one of the most pedestrian friendly areas, so have a wander around and get a feel for Balinese life. Checking out Nyuh Kuning is one of the best things to do in Ubud to really make friends with the amazing Balinese locals.

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#13 Wander around the Ubud Water Palace

While you’re in Ubud, make sure you take the opportunity to wander around the Water Palace, just behind Starbucks! Your kids will love exploring this landmark, spotting fish between the lilies and checking out the amazing stone carvings. When you’re feeling like a pickmeup, grab a gelato from one of the gelato bars nearby. Ubud Art Market is also right on hand. You can also catch a dance performance – check for scheduled times.

Enjoy Ubud guys! Ubud is very different from South  Bali, which is set up in the more usual way for tourists with lots of waterparks, theme park type attractions and large resorts with kids clubs. As the heart of Bali, Ubud has retained far more of Balinese culture and this makes it an essential place to visit if you love Bali. You will discover your kids really don’t need touristy attractions, they will be amazed by the monkeys, the dragonflies in the rice fields and the stone carving fantasy creatures, and all the other things to do in Ubud! Have fun!