Bali Themed Restaurants You Need to Check Out!

Not only is Bali incredible for food, but it also has some of the most totally fun, crazy themed restaurants that both you and your kids will love! Make sure you take time to check out some of these gorgeous Bali themed restaurants with your kids. Check the The Bali Family Guide for maps & more info on each of these great Bali themed restaurants:

#1 Pirates Bay Bali

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We’ve featured the Pirates Bay before, but it deserves another shout out because it’s one of the most popular Bali themed restaurants on the whole island. At Pirates Bay, diners can be pirates for a day, explore ships and search for loot! The restaurant features an old pirate ship, several tree houses, bonfires and tents! You and the kids can also rent pirate costumes to participate in a treasure hunt! The best marauder of them all wins a wooden chest filled with gold coins! As for the food, the restaurant offers everything a mix of Indonesian and European fare. The Pirates Bay also offer kid-sized meals such as fish n’ chips, nuggets, seafood, and satay!

#2 Frankenstein’s Laboratory

It’s always Halloween all day every day at Frankenstein’s Laboratory! This super cool Bali themed restuarant has something creepy for the kids to explore in every nook and cranny! The restaurant is set up as a dungeon laboratory, complete with ghoulish décor and glowing green orbs. Even the staff serves food in full costume and makeup! Some will even try to give diners a scare! The food is just as interesting. The drinks are served in beakers, test tubes, and syringes. Your kids can also get their faces painted in some super spooky looks!

Photo credit: Frankenstein’s Laboratory

#4 Tsavo Lion Restaurant

If you love getting close to nature, you’ve got to check out amazing Bali themed restaurant Tsavo Lion Restaurant located at Bali Safari and Marine Park. As you dine you are within safe viewing distance of a ton of safari animals, including lions, zebras and rhinos. As for the menu, it varies from Asian to South American cuisine. The Tsavo Lion Restaurant serves lunch and dinner though the latter has a more intimate setting.

Photo Credit: Bali Safari and Marine Park

#5 Cosmic Diner, Kuta

Ever wonder what it feels like to eat at a 1950s diner? Well, wonder no more and visit the Cosmic diner in Kuta! Cosmic diner brings back the 50s Americana with a colorful restaurant featuring kitschy decors complete with a jukebox and checkered floors.

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Staying true to the theme, the menu consists of classic American favorites like burgers, fries, and sandwiches. All-day breakfast choices include waffles, pancakes, coffee, and shakes. Don’t miss out on their Banana Pancakes which is a perfect match for their renowned Chocolate Trifecta Shake.

Cosmic diner has two branches, one in the New Lippo Mall in Kuta and the original store next to McDonald’s in Jalan Sunset Road.

#6 Motel Mexicola

Craving for Mexican dishes? Head to Motel Mexicola to get your fix and enjoy a unique dining experience. Apart from the great tasting – not to mention reasonably priced – mains and snacks, the Motel Mexicola brings together all the elements of a traditional Mexican hotel.

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Bright combinations of red, green, yellow, and blue flags are scattered all over the street in front of the restaurant. An arched entrance greets guests while bright orange and yellow tables offer comfy dining. The restaurant also features a bar near the main dining area.

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The menu boasts of tasty Mexican picks like fajitas, tostadas, and tapas. They have a variety of shakes and desserts the kids will love. For cheese lovers, Motel Mexicola will hook you up with tacos, and quesadillas! And for entertainment, fire dancers provides a hypnotic performance while dining!

#7 Warung D’Sawah, Kuta

If you love the idea of dining al fresco then you will love Warung D’Sawah. Surrounded by rice paddies, Warung D’Sawah’s theme is clear: it’s meant to showcase the beauty of the Denpasar countryside. The entire restaurant is made from bamboo. But of course, the place highlights the gorgeous scenery beyond the fields.

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As far as the menu goes, the warung specializes in a mix of Chinese, Balinese, and Indonesian fare. The restaurant offers everything from breakfast to dinner and everything else in between! There’s a juice and coffee bar.

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For entertainment, an acoustic band performs every night. If you love traditional Balinese dance performance, stick around and you’ll be treated with a spectacular display of dance and drama!

#8 La Favela, Badung

The visually stunning La Favela restaurant and bar is a favorite haunt among expats and tourists because of its unique décor inspired by colonial structures and retro style. Everything from the comfy leather sofas to the old-school scooters and antique decors look positively frozen in time! And vintage is essentially what La Favela is all about!

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The entire space features an eye-popping collection of curios, retro decors, industrial and antique items. But that’s just the main restaurant. If you take a look around the courtyard, you’ll come across animals and more awesome antiquities.

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During the weekdays, the La Favela is a restaurant that serves up a diverse mix of Asian, South American, and Mediterranean cuisine. At weekends, this eclectic restaurant transforms into a club, complete with themed house parties.

#9 Gardin Bistro, Seminyak

How would you like to enjoy your favorite cakes and sweet treats in the middle of a glass house surrounded by lush greenery?

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Welcome to Gardin Bistro and Patisserie, a cozy, themed restaurant that offers a mouth-watering selection of desserts and cakes as well as sandwiches, salads! For those who are craving for tasty mains, the bistro also offers yummy Asian and European favorites.

This Bali themed restaurant is definitely one of its kind in Bali. The walls are made of glass to showcase the tropical gardens beyond. The interiors feature floral cafe tables and cushy sofa! And when the sun goes down, the whole restaurant lights up, setting the mood for a relaxing (and romantic) vibe.

What other themed restaurants have you visited? We’d be happy to hear from you and check them out ourselves.