Taking a look at Bali Fun World

Bali Fun World is an indoor play centre for kids, and is actually the largest of its kind in Indonesia.  This is a great place to let kids run off energy in a totally safe environment while you recharge. There’s free wifi and a cafe with some basic food. There are carers on site who will keep an eye on your kids while you take a breather. The Bali Family Guide think this is a great place to chill out with kids and here’s why:

Got littles ones under 6?

Bali Fun World has been designed with safety in mind. There’s an area for small kids under 6 years old with lots of staff on hand that’s covered in cushions and rubber matting so it’s totally safe for little ones to explore.

Photo Credits: Bali Fun World

Bali World Fun boasts of an 8-meter module play system loaded with huge, multicolored slides, crawl spaces, obstacle courses and even a space for softball air gun! The ball pool is a hit among toddlers as the little ones can swim under the pool or jump over the softballs. There’s also a game room for older kids to play to their heart’s content!

Photo Credit: wulansari.blog87.fc2.com

On the ground, kids can ride the mini cars and bikes as they race through the play area. There’s also a mini car coaster where the kids can share rides with newfound friends. For active kids, there are lots of soft play bricks provided to create any types of structures, such as forts, igloos, and houses.

For artistic, creative kiddos, there is a designated area for drawings and coloring. The children’s masterpieces are hung on the hall of fame for other visitors to check out. You can also request a teacher to read to your kids or help them make art

Bali Fun World is also great for older kids

For big kids who love heart-pounding rides, the giant slides and obstacle courses guarantee hours of active play! There’s also a gaming room where kids 6 years old and above can play video games, shoot hoops or play football.

Photo Credit: Bali Fun World

Air hockey tables are provided in the game room for an exciting round or two with newfound friends! Athletic, competitive kids can choose a wide range of activities such as boxing and gladiator fighting (giant soft toys and costumes are provided) as well as sumo wrestling or rodeo bull rides.

The play center also features a huge climbing wall for kids to conquer. The kiddos will be fitted with safety gears and a harness before being assisted by the staff as they make their way to the top! Trampolines, bungee trampolines, bungee run, and the Equalizer are other rides worth checking out.

Why Bali Fun World is also great for adults..

Bali Fun World has also been designed so that adults can kick back and relax!

As the kids play, the parents and guardians can grab refreshments, reading materials and Wi-Fi. Parents can also check out the big kid playroom and play pretend with the kiddos. Thanks to Bali Fun World’s highly skilled staff, you can leave your kids to play while you can cool your heels or get snacks from the in-house café.

Photo Credit: Bali Fun World

Bali Fun World is a great place to escape from the heat and kick back while your kids can run around and work off some energy in a safe environment. Definitely one to keep up your sleeve if you need something low energy (for yourself) that will still keep the kids busy and having fun!