Balinese cocoa beans are some of the best in the world. What better way to get to treat the kids with sweet treats than taking them to one of the great Chocolate Factories in Bali!

The chocolate industry is Bali is just about booming, and an excursion to Bali’s best chocolate farm will delight kids (and kids at heart) of all ages! Chocolate farms in Bali are often tended and managed by locals who apply eco-friendly, sustainable means to produce artisanal chocs. By booking for a tour, you are actually helping farmers and local businesses. So off on an adventure with the kids you go, below are three chocolate farms that offer tours and cocoa tasting:

#1 Pod Chocolate Factory

Pod Chocolate Factory and café is a chocolate farm that sits at the heart of rice paddies in Carang Sari. The farm is located in a sprawling compound where Sumatran elephants roam around the property. The farm is a staunch supporter of local farmers and organically-produced cocoa.

Two kinds of tour are offered at Pod; a chocolate tour and a chocolate plantation and factory tour.  The Pod chocolate tour is suitable for kids ages 5 to 12 years old, teens as well as adults up to 70 years old. Part of the tour includes entry to the Elephant camp, welcome drinks, cocoa tasting, a look at chocolate making as well as US$ 150,000 International Insurance Coverage.

Photo Credit: Pod Chocolate Factory

The chocolate plantation and factory visit offers a close-up look at how local farmers tend and harvest cocoa. The kids will learn how chocolates are made and even experience making their own chocs using different toppings! The tour is suitable for kids ages 5 to 12 years old as well as teens and adults. If you are taking the whole family, ask about the Family Package.

#2 Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms is the most popular chocolate farm and supplier in Bali. The farm also happens to own the largest commercial bamboo structure in the world. Apart from breaking world records, Big Tree Farms is all about sustainability. This chocolate company grows and harvests cocoa using eco-friendly practices. The company works hand-in-hand with 13,000 local farmers to produce high quality, artisanal treats of all kinds!

Photo Credit: Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms was founded by Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling, chocolate-lovers who want to share their passion to the world. Their combined efforts led to the growth of the cacao program making premium-grade treats using organic ingredients.  Apart from Big Tree Farms’ signature chocolate treats, the farm also offer a range of organic products including coconut sugar, cashew nuts, spices, sea salts, and so much more!

Photo Credit: Big Tree Farms

Another unique product you can find at Big Tree Farms is coco hydro. This product is designed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint via shipping coconut water. Coco hydro is made by evaporating coconut water until the liquid’s nutrients are concentrated. The product has the same health benefits as coconut water without the side effects of shipping larger items that could damage the environment.

Photo Credit: Big Tree Farms Bali

A 1-hour tour at Big Tree Farms costs about IDR 40.000 per person and reservation fee IDR 60.000. Kids under the age of 3 can join the tour free of charge. The private tour will take you all over the plantation, where farmers grow and harvest local cocoa. Then, it’s off to the chocolate factory where cold pressed cacao is transformed into sweet treats of all kinds!

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#3 Uforia Chocolate

Uforia Chocolate is located in Jasri, at the east coast of Bali. The farm is all about keeping the local chocolate industry alive with homegrown products harvested and processed organically.

Photo Credit: Uforia Chocolate

Despite being a relative newcomer, Uforia Chocolate is quickly becoming a popular chocolatier on the island. Uforia Chocolate utilizes handpicked local cacao fruit, processing it carefully to create a mouth-watering array of artisanal chocolates.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Even better, you can take the kids for a day out and discover how local farmers transform cacao into delicious sweets!

#4 Tebasari Bali Agrotourism

Tebasari Bali Agrotourism is an independent coffee luwak and chocolate supplier in Gianyar. The farm is managed with the Balinese concept of Tri Hita Karana, or the balance of people, nature and the spirit world, in mind. The farm is inspired by the Balinese people’s simple ways of life.

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Tebasari Bali is focused on the taste. The cacao is processed to bring out its rich, decadent flavors. In fact, the farm’s bestseller is the dark chocolate. As for the tour, there will be loads of chocs to taste so round up the kids and prep them for a sweet adventure! For tour inquiries, click here.

Have you visited any of these Chocolate Factories in Bali? Let us know your favourite Bali chocolate treat!