Some insist that food tastes better in a fabulous surrounding, and what better place to discover amazing eats and deliciously kitschy restos than in Bali’s trendy Seminyak! In today’s post, we are listing down fabulous restos guaranteed to tickle the senses:

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Motel Mexicola

Got a hankering for authentic Mexican comfort foods? Then check out Motel Mexicola! This restaurant is in the heart of Seminyak’s trendy boutiques and restaurants, but it stands out as one of the most colourful in the area.

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Inspired by Acapulco, complete with a tropical-themed outdoor dining area, Motel Mexicola offers a colorful selection of the most popular Mexican fare. Veracruz native Chef Alejandro Urbina serves up everything from enchiladas to ceviche, while bartenders whip up fantastic margaritas and other delicious cocktails.

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From contrasting tiles, elaborate patterned steps to walls covered with vintage pictures, Motel Mexicola brings Latin-inspired dining straight into the island. The interiors are covered with colorful murals while the outdoor dining area is surrounded by coconut trees, a lush garden and more curious relics. An absolute feast for the eyes!

La Favela

Craving traditional South American cuisine? Expect a hearty meal and then some at La Favela restaurant! This eclectic restaurant brings together great food and atmospheric décor.

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In Portuguese, favela refers to a Brazilian shanty town or ghetto, and La Favela exudes that mish-mash of favela life with curious objects and unique antiquities from all over the world. Fans of antiques will love to explore the walls after their meal. The whole restaurant is teeming with vintage, including antique leather sofas, old TV sets, mismatched seats and tables and so much more. The exterior dining area is shrouded by a beautiful garden full of creeping vines and tropical plants.

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And the menu is just as diverse as the furnishing! La Favela brings you the best in Peruvian and Brazilian cuisine, which if you haven’t tried before, is truly delicious.

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Sea Circus

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Sea Circus is an upscale restaurant that specializes in Central American, European and Australian cuisine. This is a stylish restaurant, café and bar with white interiors, turquoise accents, old vespas, and a dash of 50’s pin-up girl décor. Quirky Chevron stripped tables and bright yellow seats offer comfortable, casual dining.

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Although the name hints of a sea or circus-inspired theme, Sea Circus follows neither theme. Like an abstract painting, it’s up to the diners to interpret what Sea Circus is all about.

What Sea Circus lacks in ocean views, it makes up for its healthy, sumptuous menu! They have everything from Australian favorites like steaks, fish n’ chips to South American comfort foods like tacos and tortilla wraps.

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Revolver Espresso

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Welcome to the Wild West, watch your step and try not to get shot! This is a saloon-style café that serves up a great selection of artisanal brews, sweet pastries, European and western comfort foods.

Revolver Espresso was developed by a group of coffee lovers who want to present their favorite brews differently. They source the best coffee beans globally and then roast and blend them to perfection on site. Apart from satisfying the taste buds, Revolver Espresso is also a feast for the eyes!

You’ll love the colorful, quirky seating, mismatched tables and antique wooden interiors. Vintage throw pillows give the café a carefree, shabby chicness.

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Angelita Patisserie

A perfect mother – daughter outing spot, Angelita Patisserie is an idyllic tea time treat. Its shabby chic decor and pastel colours will have little girls in heaven.

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Of course the boys are welcome too and there is an awesome selection of light meals and beautifully crafted pastries and baked goods to satisfy everyone.

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There are so many cafes and restaurants in Seminyak it can be hard to choose where to eat next! Hopefully this selection will help to choose some of the most colorful for you and your family.