A weekend spent in Bali is guaranteed to be a blast, especially for adventurous kids. Apart from the beautiful beaches, shopping and nightlife, Bali offers attractions that are sure to make any family excursion an exciting one. Even better, most of these activities won’t make too much of a dent in your budget! Below is our list of awesome activities you should try in Bali with the whole family:

#1 Surf the Waves!

Bali is one of the best surf spots in the world! Don’t miss this chance to find out exactly why professional surfers keep coming back to the island. And if you think surfing is strictly for grown-ups, think again! There are loads of surfing schools in Bali, most of which will teach kids as young as 10 how to surf. Even better, all the surf and safety gear will be provided for a safe, secure lesson.

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#2 Go White Water Rafting

If you’ve got older kids who are seeking a thrilling weekend, consider going on a white water rafting excursion! Imagine spending an exhilarating weekend conquering rapids and being surrounded by verdant landscapes. The Ayung River is beloved by white water rafters because of the gorgeous views while Telaga Waja is best for skilled riders who want more challenging rapids.

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#3 Make a Splash at Waterbom Bali

We’ve featured Waterbom Bali several times and for good reasons. It’s Bali’s premier water park. The sprawling 3.8 hectare water wonderland features 17 exciting rides and water games that suit all ages. Think giant slides that go up and under the entire property or heart pounding swirl rides! On the grounds are recreational facilities surrounded by lush tropical gardens and interconnected pools.

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#4 Sea Walking

In Bali, it’s absolutely possible to take a “walk” under the sea! There’s no better way to enjoy the beauty of the Balinese marine life than going underwater in a special helmet! Don’t worry, sea walking is perfectly safe. The helmet is hooked to an oxygen tank and fitted with a clear pane of glass so you can check out the tropical fish and corals below. At the moment, there are only two spots that offer sea walking, Sanur and Tanjung Benoa.

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#5 Go Diving

If sea walking is not your cup of tea and you’d rather go deeper into the water, consider going diving at one of Bali’s many hotspots for marine life. Thanks to the warm waters, the island is surrounded by miles of coral reefs home to hundreds of species of rare sea turtles, sharks, manta rays and brightly colored fish.

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Children as young as 10 can get their PADI open water certification, and training is offered at many dive schools in Bali, so if you are thinking of a certification programme, do plenty of research into the most reputable ones on the island.

#6 Try Kite Surfing

Also known as kiteboarding, kitesurfing is an extreme water sport that makes use of the wind to power and control a large kite in order to navigate and propel the rider on the surface of the water. In Bali, the best place to go kitesurfing is Sanur. Here, the winds are strong and the waves are just right. The waters form seafoam, which gives riders enough traction to execute aerial tricks. It’s best to try kiteboarding during the dry season in Bali which is from May to October when the wind reaches up to 15 knots.

This may be a bit advanced for most kids, but teens who already know how to surf will probably find this an amazing experience.

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#7 Go on an ATV Tour

Riding an ATV in Bali’s countryside is truly an experience you shouldn’t miss. These are great excursions that will keep the kids busy for hours. The usual ATV routes will take you through local villages, rice fields, beach shores and dense tropical forests. Going on an ATV tour is an excellent way to learn more about how the locals live and farm the land.

Tengkudak Village is a frequent destination for ATV trips. Here, riders coast across a 6-hectare cocoa plantation. You’ll weave through different terrains as you drive your off-road vehicle. At the nearby village, you can relax and bask in the tranquility. Guests are also treated to local chocolate treats.

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#8 Paintball Battle

Nothing gets the blood pumping more than a paintball war. Opposing teams shoot each other with power guns using paintballs as ammo. The paintballs explode into awesome paint blots to mark those who have been hit. This is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family!

Bali Paintball Arena is a sprawling, 2-hectare arena sitting on top of Ungasan Hill and features uneven terrain and obstacles for players to use.

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#9 Parasailing

For a an amazing bird’s eye view of Bali try parasailing. The best place to go parasailing is Tanjung Benoa, where you’ll be able to see the white sand beaches and luxury hotels from the air. Every rider will be fitted with a safety harness attached to a specially designed canopy that looks like a parachute. The harness is connected to a speedboat and as the speedboat weaves over the water at breakneck speed, you will be lifted 100 meters off the water!

The harness has several reigns that you can push and pull to control your movement. If the canopy is big enough, you can also ride with a partner to share the exhilarating moment together.

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#10 Water-Tubing

Waterparks are great but for those who prefer exploring the great outdoors, water tubing is a excellent alternative.

Drift along and maneuver through rapids riding an inflatable tube through the secluded canyons of Bali where you can discover the unspoiled spots of the island. There are a number of water tubing tours but a couple of the most popular are those around Ubud and further into the countryside of Karangasem where the landscapes are lush and wild.

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Activities in Bali for Everyone

With all the beaches, waves, lush landscapes and adventures in the wilderness, get-up-and-go families will never have a dull moment on the amazing island of Bali!