Enrolling the kids in an international school in Bali exposes their young minds to diversity and high standards of learning. From the get-go, students of international schools learn how to adapt well and engage with school mates, and learn foreign languages without losing their own ability to speak their mother tongue. Because many international schools have earned the reputation of providing the highest quality in education, students often come across better career opportunities. Thinking of enrolling the little ones to an international school in Bali? We’ve compiled some of the most reputable campuses on the island:

#1 Bali Island School

Formerly known as the Bali International School, Bali Island School was founded in September 1985 to provide the highest standards in education to locals and expats alike. Bali Island School is one of the few international schools on the island that offers International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes for children aged 3 to 18 years old, a recognition awarded to the campus since 1998. The school is also accredited by The Council of International Schools CIS) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Bali Island School aims to provide a stimulating, creative environment for students to learn and hone their skills. They offer a diverse selection of programs in the field of sports, the arts and other extra-curricular activities. These programs are designed to bring out the best in every child.

#2 Australian Independent School

The Australian Independent School was founded in 1996 through the combined efforts of diplomatic and commercial representatives, educators and parents. The school was established due to the increasing demand for a more comprehensive education in international schools in the country. It was also the first international school to offer education for children with special learning needs.

The school’s Bali campus offers an integrated Australian curriculum from Preschool to Year 12, providing international education to all nationalities in the island. The school was accredited by the CIS in October 2015, a recognition that reflects that quality standard of the school’s education program.

The Australian Independent School also offers a 3-year IB Diploma Program to qualified students. The school’s objective is to guide every child into discovering his or her true potential.

#3 Asian International School

The Asian International School is the newest branch of the Taman Mahatma Group of Institutions in Indonesia. The Ahimsa International Foundation established the school in 2007, promoting the Gandhian principles of ‘ahimsa’ which means non-violence, truth, peace, prosperity, and humanity.

The school offers Cambridge International Curriculum for all levels of primary and senior secondary levels. This means the students have the opportunity to receive internationally recognized certificates, because they are required to take globally accepted exams.

#4 Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School – Bali

The Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School, Bali aims to provide education to intelligent, loving, and broad-minded students who want to contribute to a brighter tomorrow. The campus is all about diversity, teaching children early on about respecting other people’s culture, beliefs and religion.

Although the students are taught in English, GMIS also teaches Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi and French. Educators at the GMIS are committed to develop every child’s skills and talents, to enhance their self-esteem, discipline and develop excellent social skills.

#5 Dyatmika School

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in August 2020, Dyatmika School is a not for profit school with almost 600 students from over 35 nationalities! The school provides innovative teaching methods to nurture young minds with a bilingual program up to primary school and then a dual awards program. Dyatmika School is accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board, employing exams and certifications that are recognized internationally.

As much as Dyatmika values education, the educators put emphasis on extracurricular activities as part of the campus’ social and leadership training. As such, Dyatmika School offers fun activities in the field of sports, arts and more.

Thanks to the non-profit status of the school, the fees are kept much lower than other international schools making it more inclusive for both local and foreign students.

#6 Sanur Independent School

Based in Sanur, the Sanur Independent School or SIS is a community-based learning institute that provides a caring environment for students who want to excel in academic, sports, and cultural endeavors.

SIS recognizes that every child is unique and the school’s dedicated team of local and international staff aims to hone every child’s skills to achieve success later in life. SIS goes above and beyond to train students to become lifelong learners. In fact, the school encourages parents to work hand in hand with teachers to develop a child academically, socially and spiritually.

SIS offers a range of educational programs with the Australian Independent Schools National Curriculum as a framework. SIS offers education from kindergarten to grade 7 and is open to expatriates and local students alike.

#7 Sunrise School

Sunrise School is a community-centered campus that strives to develop creative, confident, and compassionate children ages 18 months to 15 years. A group of like minded parents who demand the highest quality of education, all the while developing the whole child intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, founded the campus in 2000.

The school is located in a sprawling property covered in lush greens to encourage creativity. Sunrise School’s educational programs are focused on holistic, progressive education based on the British Curriculum. The school also offers leadership training and after-school activities.

Sunrise school bali kids guide

#8 Green School Bali

Green School Bali is one of the leading student-centered learning institutions in the island. The curriculum is based on holistic practices, nurturing every student with lessons that will enrich their lives. The school’s mission is to help every child become a conscientious, critical thinker committed to contributing to the community and the world.

Green School Bali’s impressive campus was developed by local and international craftsmen and designers by combining cutting edge technology and sustainable materials. The campus aims to stimulate the mind and soul!

As for the curriculum, Green School Bali combines the highest level of education expected from an international school with experimental hands-on learning within a Green Studies curriculum and a Creative Arts curriculum. After all, Green School Bali students are being groomed to be the leaders of the future. The school aims to inspire sustainability in education in the world, setting the bar high to green habits among the youth.

#9 Lollypop Preschool and Sekolah Lentera Kasih

Sekolah Lentera Kasih and Lollypop Preschool are here to provide the best education for your children. Lollypop Preschool and Sekolah Lentera Kasih are Christian schools that provide a creative, challenging environment to hone the skills of Indonesia’s future leaders. The campuses offer curriculum based on Christian education values and principles with a strong focus on character building and leadership training.

Lollypop Preschool offers classes for toddlers, nursery, kindergarten and preparatory age children, while Sekolah Lentera Kasih or SLK offers primary, secondary and junior college level curriculum. Sekolah Lentera Kasih’s curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum for Secondary, IGCSE and A Level.

#10 Taman Rama National Plus School – Denpasar

Taman Rama National Plus School is a private international school that provides high quality education for locals and expatriate students. The school’s Cambridge International Fellowship Centre is affiliated to the University of Cambridge in UK and they follow the Cambridge International Examination Programme, offering classes from kindergarten to Year 12.

The school’s philosophies are based on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, “Truth, Progress, Humanity and Peace.” Taman Rama provides the highest standards of international education. The program include mathematics, language, cognitive as well as creative and physical development through dance, art, and crafts.

Taman Rama School offers complete International Examination Programmes for students grades 1 to 6, grades 7 to 8 (Cambridge Secondary 1), as well as grades 9 to 10 Cambridge IGCSE  and  Grades 11 to 12 (Cambridge AS & A Level ).

#11 – Lycée Français de Bali (French School Bali)

LFB is a French international school in Kerobokan taking kids all the way from preschool through senior high school. The school opened in 1991 and is accredited by the French Board of Education and by the State of Indonesia. There are now almost 350 students in the school.

#12 Montessori School Bali

Opened in 1998 as a preschool, Montessori School Bali now offers programmes for children aged 2 months all the way through to high school. Teachers at MSB are trained through the Association Montessori Internationale, and offer a true Montessori education, allowing children to find their passion develop meaningful skills and connect with humanity and the earth. Interested parents are welcome to observe the classes so they can see how Montessori classrooms differ from traditional ones.

#13 Canggu Community School

Canggu Community School is located in the Berawa area of Canggu, a popular and thriving area.  CCS enrolls 480 students from over 40 countries.  Student learning is inquiry-based, collaborative, and leads to students taking IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 

CCS offers a wide range of activities including arts, sports, music programs, coding club, Model United Nations, GIN, TED Club, and many more.  CCS focuses on students being engaged, socially responsible, confident communicators, and life-long learners.  Perhaps most importantly, CCS is a community where kids thrive and love coming to school. 

To learn more contact CCS at mail@ccsbali.com  or admissions@ccsbali.com  You can also find CCS on Facebook at at www.ccsbali.com

Plenty of International Schools in Bali to Choose From

Living in Bali is an experience in itself, but many parents don’t want their children to miss out on the kind of education they might receive at home. In many cases the mixture of culture and ethnicities in the schools even makes it a more enriching experience.

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