Apart from the usual sightseeing and tours, enrolling the kids to summer classes is a fun way to get more out of your trip to sunny Bali! And to help you find the best classes in Bali for your kids, we are listing down our top recommendations:

#1 Horseback Riding at Bali Equestrian Center

The Bali Equestrian Center or BEC is the first horse riding facility in Bali. This learning center offers private and group riding lessons for kids from 3 years old and above. Apart from riding a horse, students are also taught how to care for horses, how to groom the animals and how to maintain the stable properly.

Photo Credit: Equine and the City

These classes are available for beginners up to experts who join competitions. All the horses are well-taken care of so they are healthy, reliable and safe to ride. The lessons at BEC are schedule from 7:45am to 11:45am and 2:45pm to 6:45pm with each class lasting for an hour.

For kids ages 3 to 6 years old, we highly recommend the Tiny Tots class. This class offers basic riding lessons during the weekends. The young ones will learn more about important equipment needed for riding a horse, and interact with ponies while being taught how to groom and take care of the horses.


#2 Art Classes at Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center

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Pondok Pekak Library is far from your average library. Aside from its vast collection of books sourced from all over the world, the library also offers a range of classes including fruit carving, traditional Balinese dance, woodcarving and painting as well as music class using Balinese instruments. For kids who love to be hands-on and have something special to take home, Pondok Pekak Library also offers silver jewelry making and mask making classes for all ages!


#3 Dessert Making at Monsieur Spoon

Monsieur spoon bali kids guide classes in bali
Photo credit: Elite Havens

Here’s a great class in Bali to sign the kids up for, dessert making! At Monsieur Spoon, children are welcome to join their pastry making classes to learn the precise art of baking macaroons, biscuits, croissant, and other delightful treats. Even better, Monsieur Spoon also hosts garden parties! The pastry classes are held on the last weekend of every month. To inquire about the pastry classes, shoot an email over to office@monsieurspoon.com.


#4 Acrobatics at Bali Circus

Photo Credit: Bali Circus

Is your child artistically inclined? Does he or she love performing, acrobatics and spectacular circus tricks? Why not sign the kids up for acrobatics classes at Bali Circus? Just drop the kids off and they’ll spend a magical day discovering secret circus tricks, making new friends and playing ing the circus’ awesome garden!


#5 Surf Lessons

Surfing is one of Bali’s highlights, with the awesome waves for everyone from beginners to professionals. Kids will love the opportunity to spend hours in the water, and parents can watch proudly from the beach as they catch their first waves.

Photo Credit: Santai Surf School

There are loads of surf schools in Bali, most taking kids from age 5 upwards. Your little ones will be equipped with a helmet and special long board for beginners, and will learn the basics of surfing on the beach before hitting the waves.

Instructors are generally fun young Indonesian men, who are amazing with the kids and make it an enjoyable and challenging experience.

We also have a great blog post about surf lessons for kids if you’d like to know more.

#7 Silversmithing at Studio Perak

Located in central Ubud, Studio Perak is a shop and studio that offers a range of silver-making classes. Classes are held Mondays to Saturdays in their small air-conditioned studio. Each student will be given about 5 grams of silver and will be helped by professional silversmiths to turn a lump of silver into beautiful accessories!

Photo Credit: An Epic Education

The class will set you back Rp350.000 and needs to be booked at least a day in advance. For more information visit www.studioperak.com


#8 Bahasa Classes at Cinta Bahasa Language School

Classes in Bali cinta bahasa bali kids guide
Photo credit: Cinta Bahasa

Still in Ubud, Cinta Bahasa is a certified Indonesian language school that offer group and private language lessons. The Bahasa class is perfect for expats who have kids who want to learn and speak Bahasa fluently, but is also great for visitors wanting to pick up a little Bahasa during their stay. The school offers classes in Bali to kids and adults alike, with beginner to advance level lessons. At the moment, Cinta Bahasa is run by five certified trainers. To find out more about Cinta Bahasa, go to www.cintabahasa.com. You can also send an email to info@cintabahasa.com or call at 0812 3916 5005.


Make Memories with These Classes in Bali!

Kids love to learn and get hands-on and these fun classes are all great for exciting experiences to make a Bali holiday even more memorable.