It’s no surprise that Bali is a popular destination among honeymooners. Featuring gorgeous beaches, lush tropical forests, picturesque villas and exceptional dining venues; Bali is the perfect place for romance. Discover a different side of Bali and check out these romantic ideas:

Go on a Dreamy Cruise

There are hundreds of day and evening cruises in Bali to choose from, you can cruise along crystal clear waters surrounded by bright blue skies, or watch a glorious sunset from the water. Day cruises often offer water sports like snorkeling and windsurfing once the boat moors alongside the purpose-built pontoons, so these are great if you want to keep the kids busy and have some time together.

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If you are looking for a little alone time later in the day, we suggest arranging a babysitter and heading out on a dinner cruise. The ultimate romantic end to a day!

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Take a Cooking Class

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Eating delicious food is a must-have in your honeymoon itinerary, but a better way to enjoy delicious food is by learning to whip it up yourself! In Bali, you can enroll in a cooking class that usually includes a visit to a local markets to purchase the ingredients you need.

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During the class, you’ll learn about traditional Balinese cooking techniques and sometimes even harvest the freshest produce from organic gardens yourself. The kids can join in the fun too! Wouldn’t it be fun to spend a day whipping up authentic Balinese dishes with the kids?

Share a Seafood Feast in Jimbaran

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Jimbaran is known as the seafood capital of Bali. Every day, local fishermen haul in their fresh catch and sell it to the restaurants that line up along the bay. Choose from a wide array of seafood options including lobsters, prawns, crabs and more cooked in traditional Balinese spices or prepared to your liking.

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Jimbaran is not only a great place for honeymooners; it’s also an excellent spot to enjoy seafood with family and friends. The restaurants are set up seaside so diners can enjoy their meal while watching the sunset and dig their toes into the soft sand while they eat.

A Day at the Spa

The thick, lush tropical forests of Bali make a fabulous setting for a spa. And there are unique spas in Bali that sits in the middle of the forest. Coupled by a traditional body treatment, a day in a typical Balinese spa is not so typical at all. For an even more relaxing experience, you and your partner can also visit nature hot springs located right smack in the middle of an enchanting garden.

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If you plan to bring the whole family along for a relaxing day at the spa, several spas in Bali actually offer family packages. These packages come with services and body treatments geared specifically for children. Wondering which family-friendly spas to check out? We’ve compiled a great list of children spas in Bali.

Visit a Coffee Plantation

This is a perfect date for coffee lovers! One coffee plantation that offer tours within the facility is Agra Coffee Plantation, which has thousands of beautiful coffee trees as far as the eyes can see! Here, you can also learn more about the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak.

Kopi Luwak is regular coffee harvested from civet cats dropping. According to coffee experts, the fermentation process during digestion brings out the robust flavors of the coffee beans. Some coffee farms in Bali also grow cocoa. These farms offer plantation and chocolate factory tours for kids and parents alike.

Take a Nature Tour

Fall in love with Bali’s mesmerizing landscapes and tranquil countryside! The island is a great place for honeymooners who love getting close to nature. Featuring manicured rice paddies, mountainous regions with breathtaking views and rolling hills, you’ll fall in love with Bali’s amazing blend of culture, nature, and tradition.

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If you want to check out Bali’s most famous rice terraces, we recommend heading to Tegallalang. The terrain isn’t rough, so even young kids can go along. The highland regions of Kintamani are also a great place check out magnificent landscapes, and if you want to go on a volcano tour, Penelokan and Penglipuran feature perfect views of Mount Batur.

Go Temple Hunting

Did you know that there are over 1,000 Hindu temples on the island of Bali? Wouldn’t it be exciting to explore some of these ancient shrines with loved ones?

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Tahah Lot and Uluwatu are two of Bali’s most iconic temples. Both are perched over the Indian Ocean and offer the most romantic sunsets on the island. You might want to read The Best Balinese Temples to Visit with Kids

Frolic Under the Sun

Bali’s beautiful beaches attract tourists from around the world, and each day presents a new opportunity for fun in the sun. From the powder-fine white sand to the crystal clear waters, Bali’s many beaches offer hours of entertainment for honeymooners and families. If you prefer a secluded beach, we recommend Nyang Nyang or Gunung Payung Beach. These beaches are harder to reach but the unspoiled waters and gorgeous views are worth the trip.

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Other great beaches in Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and fantastic beach clubs like Finn’s and Karma Beach Club are perfect if you want the beach with a food and drinks on hand.

Visit Picturesque Villages on a Bike

One way to get around Bali is by bike. Why not take a leisure bicycle ride all over Bali’s most famed villages? It’s a fun, affordable way to discover new places, get to know the people and bond with your partner! To start your trip, just get a map and get lost to the enthralling sights of Bali!

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This excursion is also ideal for families with older kids. Of course, make sure the kids are wearing the right gears in case the terrain gets a little rough.

Your Honeymoon in Bali Can be Romantic Even with the Kids!

Bali is a very romantic island whether you bring the kids along or not. Of course it’s always great to have some adult time as well so don’t hesitate to use your hotel or resort’s babysitting services. You can also check out our list of trusted babysitting services on the island.