Whether you want a gifts to take home, or a little reminder of a great holiday in Bali, these 4 fantastic Children’s Books from Bali are just the thing.

TARI: The Little Balinese Dancer

This colorfully illustrated multicultural children’s book presents a touching story about a little girl and her love of Balinese dance.

Tari lives on the beautiful island of Bali with her family and friends. She lives a wonderful life, marked by all the things that make Bali special—the lively temple celebrations which occur regularly in her village, the gorgeous surroundings, the warm feelings of her Balinese neighbors, and, most importantly, dance.

Tari: The Little Balinese Dancer provides an excellent introduction to key aspects of Balinese culture. Young kids will easily relate to the special themes in this story, including the importance of family and the strong bonds of community, traditions such as the famous Legong dance, death of a family member, and the grieving process. Full of traditional Balinese Hindu beliefs, this story offers the message that kids all over the world are unified in the ways they feel about the people and things they love.

Gecko’s Complaint

Gecko’s Complaint tells the story of a Gecko who once lived on Bali.

After hundreds of fireflies disturb Gecko’s sleep, he complains to kindly Raden, the jungle’s lion leader. In his efforts to get to the bottom of Gecko’s troubles, Raden discovers all too much complaining and far too many irritable animals.

A simple yet absolutely delightful Balinese folktale, this bilingual edition, which features both English and Indonesian text, is a perfect introduction to the true spirit of Bali.

Go to Sleep, Gecko!

All Gecko wants is to go to sleep. If only the chief would make everyone pipe down! In this story we learn, as does Gecko, that there are some things you just have to put up with.

A humorous and fun night time book.

Balinese Children’s Favorite Stories

This multicultural children’s book presents Balinese fairy tales—providing insight into a rich oral culture.

Comprising 12 stories that have been told by mothers to children over the centuries, the tales cover classic childhood themes—good versus evil, children versus adults, and so on. Narrated with an international audience in mind and illustrated with whimsical watercolors, Balinese Children’s Favorite Stories will enchant six to ten year old readers all over the world.

Get These Children’s Books from Bali

These fun, and unique books are great for teaching kids about a different culture through humorous folk takes. To buy any of these books in Bali visit Periplus or Ganesha book shops. They are also available on Amazon.com.