Ubud is often called the heartland of Bali’s cultural and artistic side. It’s also lush and has stunning natural landscapes where you can feel refreshed, revived and spend quality time together. This is why we’re listing our 10 favorite Family Friendly Villas in Ubud:

#1 Villa Timpal Timpal

Bedrooms 2 / Bathrooms 2 / Sleeps 4
Approx. $100/night

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Situated in the village of Penestanan, Villa Timpal Timpal is a cozy, family-friendly villa in Ubud that brings together comfort, great service, and a homey ambiance. It’s the perfect villa for families who want secluded accommodation surrounded with a breathtaking view of the lush surroundings.

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The villa, which is a two-bedroom residence with a spacious kitchen, a dining and kitchen area and large windows to let natural light in! One villa can house big families comfortably. The villa is set in rice field with gorgeous views. There’s a lush tropical garden and a pool.

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Villa Timpal Timpal is all about convenience too! The property is just an hour away from the airport and is only a short walk away from local restaurants, spas, supermarket and yoga studios. Although guests cannot drive up directly to the villa, there is a footpath that leads from the villa to the main road. Another track is also provided for smaller vehicles like motorbikes.

#2 Villa Teras

Bedrooms 3 / Bathrooms 3 / Sleeps 7
Approx. $206/night

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Located just a few kilometers south of Ubud in the village of Batuan is Villa Teras. This is a flower-filled 3-bedroom private villa that sits near the banks of the Woz River.

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The entire property looks every bit like a tranquil sanctuary thanks to an enclave of coconut trees, bamboo groves that surround around the villa. The famed terraced rice fields of Batuan serve as a stunning backdrop to every room. The villas are quite affordable but you can save 10% more if you sign up to their mailing list.

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#3 Bali Harmony

Approx. $120/night
Bedrooms 2 / Bathrooms 2 / Sleeps 4

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It’s rural life at its finest at Bali Harmony. Boasting of 5 extravagant villas in Ubud framed by manicured lawns and surrounded by tropical gardens, Bali Harmony is the perfect place for families who want to get away from the crowd but want quick access to Bali’s most famous attractions.

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Each villa features large bedrooms, all the awesome amenities you can expect from a high rated villa (Wi-Fi, flat screen TV with cable, a fully-equipped kitchen and a spacious living room) as well as a private waterfall, an outdoor pool and efficient staff services. While staff members are around, we highly recommend requesting a pool fence to keep the kids out of the pool when unsupervised. Inquire about pool fences with the management and see our post about Renting Pool Fences in Bali.

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Your vacation is guaranteed relaxing because the staff members are more than happy to accommodate your family’s every need. They can prepare your meals, do the laundry, guide you on tours, and direct you to the best tourist spots on the island. As an added bonus, you can request babysitting or child services.

#4 Villa Palm Merah

Bathrooms 2 / Sleeps 4
Approx. $100/night

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Villa Palm Merah is a beautiful two-bedroom residence located in secluded Jl. Penestanan Kelod, a 15 minute walk away from central Ubud. This private, detached villa sits near rice fields, providing a stunning view of the mesmerizing landscapes. This is an excellent choice for medium to large families who value privacy and security.

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This Ubud villa features a fully equipped kitchen with gas cook-top, a huge living room and two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Amenities inside the rooms include a flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, DVD player, and a fridge. On the outside, the whole property is surrounded by tropical gardens and an outdoor pool complete with sun beds, deck and beach umbrellas. The villa is just a few steps away from the yoga and meditation center and a spa complex!

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When it comes to convenience, Villa Palm Merah can’t be beat, it’s just 1.5 km away from the famed Ubud Monkey Forest in the center of Ubud.

#5 Bennu House 1

2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / Sleeps 4
Approx. $170/Night

Bennu house 1 is the ultimate house for the Balinese indoor/outdoor villa experience. With doors opening onto the terraces and beautiful exposed roof beams and pillars, the villa blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

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Even the more modern parts of the house, for example the bathrooms, make a feature of the space and surrounding rice fields. Sink into the stone bath and enjoy the freedom of being able to shower outdoors.

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Bennu House is not 100% toddler friendly with the terraces sitting over small fish ponds, but it would be suitable for slightly older children.

#6 T Houses

1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Houses / Sleep up to 6 People
Starts at $65/Night

The T Houses are actually eco-friendly villas in 2 locations Kaja and Kelod, both just a few minutes south of central Ubud. Each group is made up of 10 unique bamboo and wood houses built simply with local materials and space and light in mind. Not every T House is family friendly, but most are. The open spaces and lots of low tables and seating make it very toddler friendly, especially as the pool is communal and not right outside the door as many villa pools are in Bali.

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The T Houses have wi-fi and some have TVs, but the real luxury in these houses is the peace and quiet. Most of the houses look out to the rice fields and have open seating areas where you can eat al fresco and enjoy the views.
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#7 Langkah Villa

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / Sleeps 6
Approx. $180/Night

Located in the village of Nyuh Kuning, just steps from the Monkey Forest, Langkah Villa is a rustic feeling luxury villa able to accommodate 6 guests. Bright and airy and decorated with a perfect balance of light wood and modern fittings, this is a great compromise between contemporary and traditional design.

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Villa Langkah is ideal for a large family or 2 smaller family groups traveling together. There is plenty of space for the kids to run outside and also a private pool to cool down in after sightseeing in Ubud.
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#8 The White Villas

1 or 2 Bedrooms/Sleeps 3 or 4
Starts at $125/Night

This group of 3 Ubud villas has tons going for it, especially for small families (or larger ones renting more than one villa).  The villas are just a short stroll to central Ubud, are beautifully open and light and have their own kitchens and a shared swimming pool.
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You can choose from a one bedroom villa with a daybed for a smaller child, or one of the 2 bedroom villas for older children. And best of all, there are no scary fish ponds and the pool is set just far enough from the villas that you don’t have to be worried all the time. There are also gorgeous gardens for kids to play in.
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Choose Your Perfect Family Friendly Villas in Ubud

There are hundreds of amazing villas in Ubud to choose from these days, so it’s been really difficult to choose 8 of the best! Of course each family is unique, as is each child, so research carefully and make sure you feel comfortable with the villa you choose. After all, you want to be able to relax and take in the peace and quiet of the amazing town of Ubud.