So the babysitter’s keeping an eye on the kids and you and the hubby are ready for a rare night out by yourselves. But where to go? If your goal is romance, have a Romantic Dinner in Bali at any of these fabulous restaurants:


Located at the swanky St. Regis Bali, Boneka is a restaurant that offers delectable feasts in an intimate setting. With a sweeping view of the Indian ocean and landscaped gardens, Boneka sets the mood for a romantic night out. The interiors are exquisitely adorned with stylish décors.

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And wait until you check out the menu. Boneka offers local and international cuisine. You can go for the ala carte options or the buffet package. The buffet menu includes the house special, Boneka Signature Dish. This dish consists of a Wagyu D-rump medallion served with river lobster dumpling and oxtail consommé.

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For the ala carte menu, the Black Angus ribeye steak served with teriyaki glaze, veggies, and rice as well as the grilled river lobsters are always a hit. We also recommend the Tasmanian salmon steak served with sauce Bearnaise, French fries and buttered veggies.


Craving seafood? Still in the St. Regis, Kayuputi is an upscale restaurant with striking all-white interiors. The restaurant’s contemporary architecture includes al fresco seating that overlooks the Indian Ocean. Private cabanas are also available for an even more intimate dining experience!

Photo credit: Kayuputi Restaurant

The menu at Kayuputi boasts mouthwatering seafood and other savory dishes. We recommend the lobster which may either be grilled or served in Thermidor in a cream sauce with mustard and grated cheese, or the black Angus beef fillet and pan seared foie gras with mushrooms, red onion jam, and Perigueux sauce, yum! For seafood-lovers, Kayuputi offers an eye-popping selection of fresh, local seafood including octopus, king prawn, clams, scallops and more.

Piasan Restaurant

Housed within the Kayumanis Nusa Dua, Piasan Restaurant brings authentic Italian cuisine to Bali. This lavish restaurant is a great spot for couples who love classic Italian dishes including pasta, pizzas, and calzones.

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Apart from Italian favorites, Piasan also offer hearty dishes made from prime-cut meats and fresh seafood cocktails and canapés are served daily. For dessert, the restaurant has an awesome section dedicated to sweets of all kinds including beautiful cakes, pastries, chocs, and crepes!

Crystal Blue Ocean Grill 

Crystal Blue Ocean Grill is a fine dining restaurant with an al fresco setting. The restaurant features an open-air thatched-roof style dining spots that overlook the main pool. Just beyond the horizon is a mesmerizing view of the ocean.

Photo credit: Crystal Blue Ocean Grill

Considered as one of the best restaurants on the island, Crystal Blue Ocean Grill specializes in contemporary European cuisine. Must try dishes are the four-course ala carte menu, which includes lobster ravioli with sea urchin foam, foie gras parfait and other decadent deliciousness!

Fat Chow Temple Hill

If you are into hearty, unpretentious Asian dishes, we recommend a reservation at the Fat Chow Temple Hill! Located in Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Fat Chow Temple Hill’s seemingly endless array of gastronomic delights come from ancient family recipes passed down from generation to generation! Of course, the dishes are given a modern twist to suit contemporary tastes!

Perfect for a night out with your beau, Fat Chow Temple Hill features a stunning views, complemented by trendy interiors and an intimate ambiance. Some of the bestselling dishes to try are the Fat Buntut (oxtail stew), Thai green curry and the Pataya pork ribs.

Arwana Restaurant

A perennial favorite among honeymooners, the Arwana Restaurant is located in The Laguna Bali. This beachfront restaurant is perfect for seafood lovers! If you want to take your night out a notch higher, we recommend reserving a seat at the gazebo and ordering the Romantic Dinner set. The romantic dinner set is a 3 or 5-course meal that comes complete with the best wine pairing!

Photo credit: Arwana Restaurant

Imagine enjoying a mouthwatering selection of fresh, delicious seafood with the Balinese moonlight as a backdrop! With a view to die for, it’s no wonder Arwana is one of the most popular restaurants in the Nusa Dua area.

Cut Catch Cucina

Yet another hit among couples and honeymooners, Cut Catch Cucina is a restaurant located at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort. Each night Cut Catch Cucina lays out an extravagant feast consisting of local and international cuisine. The restaurant features a fabulous multi-outlet dining experience and tasteful decors.

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Cut Catch Cucina specializes in meat dishes made from prime-cut beef and pork, Wagyu, Angus, Kurobuta and organic poultry (Cut), seafood (Catch) and Italian dishes (Cucina), all with perfect wine pairings!

The Café

If you are in the mood for casual dining with an elegant decor, you will love The Café at The Mulia. The Café features a delectable selection of seafood and Asian dishes including fresh sashimi, oysters, and Thai salads, Indian butter chicken and other gastronomic delights. For those who are craving pasta or western dishes, there are loads of Italian and European and American dishes to try too.

Photo credit: The Mulia

Of course, no romantic dinner is complete without dessert. The Café offers a dizzying array of desserts including chocolate fondues, homemade ice cream, and sorbets, cakes and mousse.

Swept Away

Swept Away perches over the banks of the Ayung River in the lush jungle of Sayan, Ubud. This natural setting is a beautiful place for romance with the sound of cicadas and the water rushing by.

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Swept Away offers two menus in the evenings, one an ala carte menu, the other a 4 or 6 course degustation. You can also make arrangements for a private candlelit dinner with a menu planned especially for you by the talented chefs.

Raja’s Balinese Cuisine

Located in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Bali, Raja’s Balinese Cuisine is an award-winning beachfront restaurant that serves up authentic Balinese dishes. With royalty-themed interiors, ambient lighting and ornate Balinese décor, the restaurant is extremely popular with couples and honeymooners.

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Apart from the intimate setting, the signature dishes are to die for! We love the house specialty bebek betutu, which is a whole duck marinated in a blend of Balinese spices. Other must-try dishes include the Sate lilit or wrapped satay and the Be sampi mesitsit, which is shredded beef served with a tangy lime chili sauce. There are loads of vegetarian options too.

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Raja’s Balinese Cuisine is open daily except Tuesdays. We recommend booking a reservation ahead because the sitting capacity is limited to 64 patrons.


Book yourselves a table over the Campuhan gorge at Bridges, a French inspired fine-dining restaurant complete with in-house wine bar and a sommelier to talk you through the wine selection and menu.

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The management and staff at Bridges will do everything in their power to ensure the romantic atmosphere is unspoiled. They know the importance of making themselves available when needed and scarce when you want to be alone.

A Romantic Dinner in Bali is the Perfect Night Out

It may be rare that you get to go out together and have a quiet dinner if you have little ones, so why not take advantage of the babysitting services in Bali and get out for a beautiful meal. It will make your Bali holiday even more memorable and bring you closer together.