You’ve hit the 2 o’clock slump and need a strong cup of coffee before you carry on your Bali adventures, but there are so many coffee shops to choose from! Luckily, we’re counting our top 10 favorite Bali Coffee Spots to stop for the perfect pick-me-up:

#1 Grain Espresso

On the main Raya Seminyak strip, Grain is the perfect stop during a day of shopping and beach fun. This funky, industrial looking cafe serves an all day menu of fresh sandwiches, salads and more, but the real star is the coffee.

Photo credit: Grain Espresso

Grain has their own unique signature blend from 100% Arabica beans, as well Indonesian Single Origin coffees. This gives coffee lovers a chance to taste some of the finest Indonesian coffees, while also supporting local farmers.

#2 Revolver Espresso

One of the hippest coffee spots, Revolver ticks all the boxes when it comes to an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s chilled out, comfy decor and excellent coffee selection will give you that boost you need to keep on shopping or sightseeing.

Photo credit: Coffee Tea Travels

Revolver sources beans from all over the world and roasts and blends them at home in Bali to ensure the highest quality possible. From long blacks to affogatos, you won’t be disappointed with the delicious blends and precise work of the baristas. Kids will love their smoothies and their awesome mural wall for photos!

#3 Seniman Coffee Studio

Seniman is one of Bali’s most serious coffee spots. This place not only serves some of the most amazing coffee, but they also sell their own blends from sister company Tetap Happy Coffee Roaster, run coffee master classes and barista training and sell coffee making equipment.

Photo credit: Trover

Pop into Seniman Coffee Studio or their Cold Brew Bar across the road for…well basically any type of coffee you like. Just ask the Baristas for the day’s bean selection, choose your brew and tell them exactly how you like to drink it. Watch them work their magic and sit down and enjoy!

#4 Anomali

A staple on the Indonesian coffee scene since 2007, Anomali proudly sources their coffee beans from all over the Indonesian archipelago. It might not be the most ‘hipster’ spot to been seen at but if you need a great cup of coffee and are in Seminyak or Ubud, this is an excellent option.

Photo credit: Ultimate Bali

There are tons of non-coffee blended drinks on the menu for the kids. They can try out an icy fusion or even one of the delicious cakes and pastries on offer.

#5 Ippolito

Ippolito is a micro coffee roastery in the heart of Seminyak’s trendy Petitenget. Focusing on quality estate, micro lot and single origin coffees, beans are roasted weekly, ground to order and brewed all in within the cafe.

Photo credit: Maca Villas

The casual, open-air deck is an excellent spot for you to sit and sip while the kiddos have space to enjoy the outdoors safely. For an afternoon treat, Ippolito also serves an delicious array of French patisserie-style cakes baked in-house!

#6 Sisterfields

Like some sort of ultra-hip 1950’s diner, Sisterfields is a fabulous indoor/outdoor space with plenty for little eyes to take in – while you take in a delicious coffee.

Photo credit: Detail Collective

Sisterfields is known for its breakfasts (which are served until 3pm everyday) and coffees, but they also have an amazing lunch menu and if you’re stopping for an afternoon refresher, kids will love their milkshakes, granitas and sides like polenta or regular french fries.

#7 The Coffee Library

“The Library” is a petit, 2-story cafe serving excellent coffee and delicious light meals. The cozy atmosphere and welcoming staff, with no hint of being ‘too cool’, make it a great spot for a quick refuel. If you’re a real coffee lover, you’ll also love all the coffee-centric decor.

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Try out their signature blend brewed how you like it, hot or cold. We recommend their excellent iced coffees on a hot Bali afternoon!

#8 Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird has become quite an Instagram sensation with their amazing latte art, so luckily the taste of the coffee is just as spectacular. Owner Edo is serious about his coffee and also the training of his baristas, so expect the best!

Photo credit: Jom Blogger

Sip a deliciously satisfying latte, cappucino or a nice strong espresso in this cute, cozy cafe while the kids get a tatsy cake or cookie and a babycino.

#9 The Glass House

The Glass House is a small, but very welcoming cafe on Sanur’s main strip that has been a staple for ex-pats and tourists for years. The European style, friendly staff and simple, fresh meals attract people across the board – couples, families, young travellers.

Photo credit: Trip Advisor

Most of all though, their quality coffee and excellent pastries make a sweet afternoon treat on the way home from the beach.

#10 The Moose Espresso Bar

The Moose is another serious coffee spot for those that want a good strong brew. The cool, industrial design isn’t the most welcoming for families at first sight, but the staff are lovely and happy to help with coffee choices for you and non-caffeinated ones for the kids.

Photo credit: The Moose Espresso Bar

The Moose is uber-hipster and knows it. So much so, that’s it seems to have become a bit tongue in cheek. But, really who can resist a fantastic coffee and an amazing donut that you inject with deliciousness yourself?!

There Are So Many Bali Coffee Spots to Choose From!

Bali has become a bit of a coffee-lover’s dream in the past few years. So, on those long days of sightseeing, shopping or just keeping the kids happy, you will have no problem at all finding an excellent morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up!