Bali is a haven for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers! With its rugged landscape, unspoiled forests, and volcanic hillsides, Bali offers an exciting range of outdoor activities including extreme sports. Whether you love trekking, white water rafting, sport fishing or zip lining, there is always something for every adventure junkie! Below is our list of extreme sports to try on the island:

Water Jet Rides

Imagine flying above the calm waters of Tanjung Benoa Beach, getting a bird’s eye view of the horizon beyond. That’s exactly what you can expect when you sign up for a jet ride on Tanjung Benoa Beach! Aussie Bali Adventures presents a unique experience by offering a range of activities using fly board, jetovator, and jet pack!

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Aussie Bali Adventures is located inside the Bali Apollo Water Sports. For $130 a pop, you can enjoy a 30-minute jetovator or jet pack ride, the first of its kind on the island.

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The jetpack and jetovator utilize water as a high-density propulsion fluid that will lift the rider up 30 meters in the air at 30 miles per hour. The ride includes basic training and operation instructions. The best part about this amazing ride? It’s suitable for kids 14 years old and above!

Water Tubing

Drift along the rapids of the Siap Stream in the Payangan region, close to Ubud, and marvel at the unspoiled tropical jungle of Bali. Water tubing brings together extreme sports with nature tour. The tour involves riding a doughnut-shaped water tube that will speed along the crystal clear Siap stream. The ride will take you to hidden canyons of the north of Payangan and discovering Bali at its rawest!

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Of course, all riders will be given basic safety instructions and riding lessons. Safety gear is provided including helmets and life vests. If you’re trying out this thrilling ride with the whole family, you’d be glad to know that water tubing is suitable for kids as young as 12 years old!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Experience a fun-filled day at the beach paddle boarding with the whole family! Paddle boarding started out in Hawaii and was recently introduced in Bali. Essentially, the ride involves a surfer standing on a wide surfing board using a paddle. Unlike traditional surfboards, paddle boards are thicker, wider and longer.

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For teens who love surfing, paddle boarding should be easy, and for those who are trying this sport for the first time, it’s a chance to hit the waves and be standing way faster than regular surfing. Pretty much anyone can SUP, so even younger kids will love it! Bali Stand-up Paddle School offers a variety of tutorial packages with prices starting at Rp350,000.


Yet another electrifying ride that will give you a bird’s eye view of the beach, paragliding takes you high up in the air for an amazing view of the horizon and beaches below. Paragliding is one of the most popular extreme sports in Bali. The ride involves a non-motorized paraglider that will launch riders into the skies, gliding over the waters at dizzying height!

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The best time to go paragliding in Bali is April until October. During this period, the southerly trade winds blow in from the Indian Ocean taking the rider over the beautiful turquoise sea. The starting point is at the top of the Ungala cliff with an expansive sloped top area with the destination point at the Nikko Resort which is about 15km away. There is no minimum age for a tandem flight, but to learn to paraglide alone, children must be over 14 and weigh a minimum of 48kg.

Paint Ball

For an action-packed excursion, sign up for a day of paintballing at the Bali Paintball Arena in south Kuta. The Bali Paintball Arena is a massive, 2 hectare cliff top property that serves as a battlefield for paintball fans! The arena features a range of customized obstacles, bunkers, and hideouts. Trees dot the area, which provides excellent cover for some recon.

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Bali Paintball Arena is also the only paintball center that offers three playing fields. On top of that, all gear and equipment are provided including double-lens face protector, Anex masks, and camouflage jumpsuits!

White Water Rafting

If you love extreme water sports, you simply cannot miss white water rafting in Bali! Ideal for kids and grownups alike, white water rafting will take you through the Balinese rapids, surrounded by pristine rainforest, imposing gorges and verdant rice paddies! During the ride, you will experience heart-stopping drops and sharp curves at dizzying speed! Most tours are guided and safety gear will be provided.

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But if you want the ride up a notch, we recommend planning your trip during the wet season, from November to March. During this period, the rapids can go beyond class 19, which is full on treacherous! Generally Children from 7 can join in rafting trips, but check with your tour operator before you book to make sure.

Flying Fish

The flying fish that will launch you (and your companions) high up in the air and down in rapid succession. The ride involves a speedboat dragging a huge banana boat shaped like a flying fish two meters above the water and then down. The ride gets its name from the up and down motion of the banana boat.

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The key to prolonging the airtime is to hold on to the middle part of the banana boat. The speedboat will weave through the water, turning and hurling the banana boats behind it at breakneck speed. Kids must be 7 years old and above to ride a flying fish.

ATV Quad Biking

Go on a scenic tour of the Ubud countryside with an all-terrain vehicle or ATV. ATV quad biking is perfect for older kids who love sightseeing! An ATV is a 4-wheel motorcycle is easy to operate and ideal on any terrain!

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Imagine passing through rice fields, villages, and into lush jungle on a fun-filled tour. With an ATV, you can overcome climb slopes, and take on rocky terrain with ease. A typical tour comes with a guide, who will take you through rivers, jungles, and forests. The guide will provide basic operating lessons and safety tips. Kids can ride along at just about any age, but ask your tour operator before you book.

Bali Isn’t All About Relaxing: There are Extreme Sports in Bali Too!

If lounging the days away on the beach isn’t really your thing, maybe these Extreme Sports in Bali will be more up your alley. For adventurous families with slightly older kids, there are tons of great things to get out and do for a rush of adrenaline!