As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Bali is teeming with curios, art galleries, accessories stores and souvenir warehouses at every turn, making it easy to shop around for gifts and tokens suitable for anyone at any age. In today’s post, we are dishing out the best spots to buy Souvenirs in Bali:


Krisna is one of the largest souvenir store chains on the island. Currently, the shop has four outlets and all of them carry the similar items, which includes accessories, home decors, footwear, beauty products and clothing.

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Krisna is a great place for shoppers who are looking for the best deals. Prices are kept low so the place is always packed with tourists and there is no need bargain. We love Krisna for its great selection of Batik fabrics and art pieces!

Taru Cendana Bali Handicraft Wholesale

If you are looking for unique items that exemplify Bali, then we highly recommend checking out Taru Cendana Bali Handicraft Wholesale store. Taru Cendana is a furniture and craft store that specializes in artisanal home decor and souvenirs. Julianto Suryadi founded the store in 1998 out of love for the local culture and art.

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Some of the best items found in Taru Cendana are the lamps, Balinese umbrellas, batiks, paintings, sculpture, woodcarvings and candles. Customized items are also accepted upon request!

Sukawati Art Market

Locally known as Pesar Seni Sukawati, the Sukawati Art Market is a huge area that offers a variety of distinctively Balinese handicrafts. Most Bali tour packages include a visit to this art market because it is one of the biggest craft markets on the island.

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The market offers a dizzying selection of super affordable sarongs, woven bags, home decor and clothing. This is a great place for those who want to get all their souvenirs in one place!

Ubud Art Market

Located in the heart of Ubud, the Ubud Art Market is one of the best places to score art pieces, including woven bags, woodcarvings, ceramic pots, batik textiles, sarong, clothing, matting and much, much more.

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Tourists and locals alike flock the market for its amazing selection of souvenirs and home items, all at very affordable prices! The goods are laid out in the open, and customers are free to browse for items. Bargaining is a must, so get ready to walk away if the price is too steep!

Bali Collection

Bali Collection is a sprawling outdoor mall that offers high-end shopping and dining experience. The mall is set up just a few steps from five-star hotels, swanky resorts, and luxurious spas. Options are virtually endless at Bali Collection.

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Bali collection offers a fabulous selection of designer goods, popular local brands, arts and crafts as well as accessories, footwear, and jewelry. And if you are done shopping for gifts and souvenirs, you can cool your heels at any of the restaurants and cafes inside the mall!

Celuk Gold And Silversmiths

If you prefer gifting sparkly gold and silver accessories to your loved ones, then don’t miss a trip to the famed Celuk village, 15 minutes south of Ubud. The village is home to local artisans who make accessories and jewelry using silver and gold.

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There is an endless selection of accessories in Celuk village including enamel bangles, crystal encrusted silverworks, gold earrings, rings, keychains and broaches. Every piece is made by hand using authentic, precious metals. There are loads of ceremonial adornments available in the village too. You can also make your own souvenirs or request for customized pieces.

Tegallalang Handicrafts Village

Tegallalang is a great place to go shopping for decor items, curios, arts and crafts as well as accessories and jewelry!

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The road towards Tegallalang is lined with stores that sell everything from ornaments to furniture, traditional goods to paintings. Really, there is no shortage of great items for gifts and for a few things to take home to brighten up your own house as well.

Geneva Handicraft Centre

Geneva Handicraft Centre is a four-floor complex that offers an array of handicrafts and souvenirs at competitive prices. The center is a treasure trove of home decor items, knick-knacks, traditional Indonesian trinkets and other souvenirs. The center is known for its eye-popping selection of woven items, bamboo decorations, ceramic home items, as well as toys, photo albums and wooden cutlery.

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And if you’re worried about shipping all the items you bought back home, don’t worry. Geneva offers air and sea freight shipments.

Unagi Handicraft & Painting

Selling wholesale and retail handicrafts from Bali, Unagi is the perfect place to find gifts for everyone all in one place. From clothing, paintings, ceramics, and woven baskets and just about everything else in between, you definitely won’t leave empty handed.

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If you fall in love with something big, or decide you can’t carry everything home in your luggage, Unagi will even arrange shipping for you!

No-Stress Shopping for Souvenirs in Bali!

Taking a little something home from your Bali holiday for friends and family is a must, but there is no need to stress about it. There are plenty of places you can get cute, fun or useful souvenirs. Enjoy our suggestions, and let us know if you find better places as well!