Hiking in Bali makes an excellent family excursion and even younger kids can tag along. Good thing Bali has lots of trails with terrain that suits beginner and advanced hikers alike. To keep your excursion fun for the kids, consider these hiking tips:

Pick Easier Trails

Hiking should be fun for the kids, and most children dislike long, strenuous walks. When it comes to hiking with kids, you want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Go for routes that have minimal elevation and short trails close to the hotel so you can always run back to your hotel room in case the kids need to rest.

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In addition, you want to pick a trail with something wonderful to see, like a waterfall or a lake. In Bali, some of the best trails for a family hike are the Sambangan nature hike and around Gigit waterfalls. These trails are fairly easy with lots to see to keep the kiddos excited!

Be Prepared for Anything

Anything goes when you are out exploring the great outdoors with the children so make sure you pack accordingly. You want to pack all essentials including water bottles, wet wipes, tissues, and a small first aid kit. You might also want to bring binoculars, a magnifying glass, sunscreen, snacks, and insect repellant.

Dress Appropriately

It’s tempting to wear a tank top and shorts when hiking especially if you’re in the tropics but don’t. This goes especially if you are taking the kids along for the hike! Exposing a lot of skin is an open invitation for mosquitos. Instead of wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts, opt for tops and bottoms made from thin, breathable fabric. You might also want a rain jacket in case of sudden downours, which, the tropics are prone to. Make sure each child has a of change of clothes especially if the terrain gets muddy.

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Plan Frequent Stops

Hiking can physically demanding, especially in the tropics, so you’ll want to plan the trip according to the fitness level of the children. Be prepared that sometimes, you might not even reach the end of the trail if the kids are joining the hike, and that’s okay! To make the hike as enjoyable as possible, make frequent stops. Give the kids plenty of rest so they are not too tired to enjoy the excursion. And bring lots of snacks too to keep their energy levels up!

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Make it Fun

No one wants a boring hike, especially curious children who love to explore. Make your trip fun by planning cool activities such as bird watching, looking for signs of wildlife and collecting interesting things along the way. Kids are easily distracted by unfamiliar noises and unusual animals. Take this opportunity to check out colorful butterflies, frogs, birds, flowers, and anything that catches your child’s eye.

Other fun activities you can enjoy while hiking includes singing, playing hot lava, photo safari, and a scavenger hunt.

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Bring a Friend

Another way to get the kids pumped up for a hiking trip is to bring a family friend (and their kids) along! The kids can chat, play, and make friends as they travel along the trail. Bringing hike friends is a great way to motivate the kids to complete the trail, get them off their comfort zone, and whine less.

Bring Lots of Treats

Positive reinforcement works best, especially when getting the kids excited for a hiking trip. One way to keep the kids’ spirits up is offering treats. If the kids are starting to complain or drag their feet, hand them a sandwich, a candy bar, or other sweet treats. A little sugar boost definitely goes a long way, especially on a hike. Bring their favorite drinks and snacks so the kids will look forward to every stop.

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Hiking in Bali with Kids

Getting out to see the amazing countryside of Bali is an amazing way to see the richness of the flora and fauna. It may not be your kids’ first choice for an outing, but follow these tips and they will forget about the hard work and just enjoy the amazing colours, sights and sounds.