Ubud is a unique town, nestled in the foothills of Bali and is a wonderful place to explore the countryside. There are plenty of trails and backroads that suit kids and adults, so why not Explore Ubud Bali by Bicycle? Here are some of our favorite bicycle tour companies to ride with:

Bali Eco Cycling

Join a Bali Eco Cycling tour in the morning – pick ups between 6:30 and 8am- or for an afternoon tour with pick up between 10 and 11.30am (Aug – Sept only). You’ll begin with a drive in an air conditioned van to Kintamani, where you’ll have a nutritious breakfast overlooking Mt. Batur and it’s amazing crater lake. From there you’ll be off on your mountain bikes, travelling downhill on quiet back roads and minor village roads to see daily life in Bali and enjoying the countryside all the way back down to Ubud.

Photo credit: Bali Eco Cycling

On the way, you’ll visit a Balinese compound, a Balinese plantation, where you can learn about the medical and cultural use of local plants. You can also see the process of making coffee and see many of the spices you have used in cooking and tropical fruits growing in their natural environment.

Take a short walk in the rice paddies to see villagers planting and harvesting rice. You can even join in!

Bali Go Bike

Taking a tour with Bali Go Bike will allow you to experience the Balinese countryside at the heart of the island. This 2.5 hour tour takes you from the volcanic crater of Mount Batur, through lush rice paddies, traditional villages and a plantation growing coffee, spice and tropical fruits.

Photo credit: Bali Go Bike

Breakfast and lunch are both included in this tour and you will also have the chance to sample coffees, teas and fruit on the plantation tour. There will be no worries about anyone running out of fuel! Kids and adults of all skill levels are welcome to join in the tour and will be led by an experienced guide.

Photo credit: Bali Go Bike

Banyan Tree Bike Tours

Banyan Tree Bike Tours is one of the best we have found for families and small children. This spectacular ride through rice terraces, mountain views, quiet villages and traditional farming communities is offered for children on a child’s bike, on a tandem bike or in a seat attached to their parent’s bicycle.

Photo credit: Banyan Tree Bike Tours

On this tour, you’ll be picked up between 7.30 and 8am and taken to some of the loveliest roads in Petang and North Badung region just a short drive from Ubud.  Local guides will talk you through the sites on the way, from the Balinese compounds to religious temples.

Photo credit: Banyan Tree Bike Tours

Lunch is served in a typical Balinese compound just 15 minutes out of Ubud before you return to the town centre. A support vehicle follows the entire way, so for little legs that get tired, there is always the chance for a rest in the air conditioned van.

Bali Bike Baik Tours

For a full day tour, including breakfast, lunch, walks in the rice paddies and a visit to a Balinese temple and plantation, Bali Bike Baik is your tour company. This Balinese owned and operated company will take you through the countryside surrounding Ubud and even introduce you to their families and Balinese daily life!

Photo credit: Bali Bike Baik

This is more than just a nature tour, this is a cultural exploration! Just follow your guide’s bright yellow Bike Baik Tours t-shirt and he’ll introduce you to the ‘real’ Bali. Bali Bike Baik offer children’s bikes and seats for kids under 5.

Explore Ubud Bali by Bike with the Kids

Bike tours are an amazing way to get out and see the ‘hidden’ side of Bali. It’s great exercise, perfect for all ages and a way to bond with family. If you are staying in south Bali, request a pick-up from your hotel and make a great day out of this exciting adventure.