Nusa Dua is known for its enclave of 5-star hotels, posh resorts, swanky restaurants and upscale bars. After all, the area was designed with exclusivity in mind. But what about those who are working with a tighter budget? Are there cheap Nusa Dua Restaurants? The quick answer is, yes, there are plenty of excellent Nusa Dua Restaurants that offer affordable and delicious meals! Explore Nusa Dua’s affordable dining options:

#1 Nusa Dua Beach Grill

Nusa Dua Beach Grill is also one of the cheapest Nusa Dua Restaurants. Located on Geger beach, this beachfront restaurant offers generous servings of seafood and grilled meats at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Nusa Dua Beach Grill’s appetizers include fried squid, prawns and oysters for as low as Rp45,000 or 3 bucks! Apart from grilled meat and seafood, the restaurant also offers classic Italian dishes including Penne Marinara (Rp65,000) and Red Crab Fettucine with White Wine Sauce (Rp75,000). There are loads of child-friendly dishes on the menu including burgers at Rp45,000 and Spaghetti Carbonara at just Rp60,000!

#2 Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

Craving sushi? Japanese fare is usually pricey but you’ll find that Matsuri Japanese Restaurant’s extensive selection of Japanese foods to be really reasonable!

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With its colorful interiors and authentic Japanese cuisine, Matsuri Japanese Restaurant became a fast favorite among sushi lovers in the island! The restaurant’s appetizers are very affordable too. We love the Gyoza (fried dumpling) at RP 50,000 and Edamame at RP, 4000. The selection of sushi, maki, and sashimi is quite extensive too. Some of Matsuri Japanese Restaurant’s bestsellers are the salmon sushi rolls, sake Maki, and tuna sushi. The place is a great spot to get tempura, tonkatsu, teriyaki plates, and katsu curry rice, all at very low prices!

#3 Nusa Dua Pizza Restaurant

Pizza is always an easy choice with kids, so make a beeline to Nusa Dua Pizza Restaurant. This little pizzeria serves up authentic Italian pizza in all the classic and contemporary flavors imaginable. The pizzas are cooked over a wood fire to achieve that distinct smokiness. Our must-try recommendations are all cheese (Rp80,000), pepperoni (Rp70,000) and the Hawaiian (Rp70,000).

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Apart from its signature pizza, Nusa Dua Pizza Restaurant has a great selection of pasta, sandwiches and salads too. For fussy eaters, they also offers kid-friendly choices like chicken nuggets, chicken wings, carbonara pasta and classic Bolognese.

#4 Ketut’s BBQ Kitchen Restaurant

Ketut’s BBQ Kitchen serves up home-style ribs, barbecue and classic Indonesian fare. The laidback setting and the massive portions are just a couple of the many reasons why this is one of the expats and tourists favorite Nusa Dua Restaurants. This Aussie-owned joint offers everything from grilled seafood to yummy desserts. And the price is always fair considering how generous the portions are and the quality of the ingredients.

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Ketut’s BBQ Kitchen is incredibly family friendly too. The menu offers a range of affordable appetizers and main courses that will appeal to finicky eaters. The lineup of desserts is also sure to tempt picky kids to finish their dinner! 

#5 Warung Bule and Susy

Warung Bule and Susy is loved by tourists and locals alike for a reason. Apart from the incredible (often times interesting) dishes made from scratch, the food is pretty cheap. In fact, you can get classic nasi goring for less than $2 and grilled beef ribs for only $7! Warung Bule and Susy is known for its staple Indonesian dishes as well as kebabs, grilled meats and fish soup.

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And if you love variety, you are in luck! Susy, the owner of the warung, changes the lineup often and experiments with different ingredients to develop new and surprising dishes to try. To try out a bunch of different flavors, choose the nasi campur, a selection of veggies, tofu, fish and meat served with rice.

#6 Warung Dobiel

If you love traditional Balinese cuisine with a kick, we recommend trying out any of Warung Dobiel’s mouth-watering lineup of local dishes. Try out the babi guling, or suckling pig roasted to perfection.

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Warung Dobiel offers a laidback dining experience and hearty dishes at very affordable prices. The warung is not the best place for a fancy dinner but if you are looking for tasty Indonesian fare made with honest to goodness fresh ingredients, we cannot recommend Warung Dobiel enough. Because one of the most popular Nusa Dua Restaurants for locals and tourists, lunch and dinner can get crowded and you may have to wait for a table. 

#7 Hong Xing Club and Restaurant

If you are in the mood for Chinese fusion cuisine and authentic Chinese noodles and dim sum, Hong Xing Club and Restaurant provides delicious dishes without breaking the bank!

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Featuring a relaxed, cozy dining experience and fresh seafood, Hong Xing Club and Restaurant serves up a range of Asian dishes, including Singapore-style chili crabs, steamed prawns, fresh oysters, assorted noodle dishes, rice meals, stews and hot soups. They are also one of the most family-friendly Nusa Dua Restaurants. This spot is perfect for family dinners and special events of all kinds!

#8 Nyoman’s Beer Garden

Nyoman’s Beer Garden offers a mix of local, Asian and German dishes. If you’ve been eating lots of rice and lndonesian dishes, this is just the place for a big hearty European style meal.

For kids, there is a great selection, including pizzas, pasta, sausages, sandwiches and burgers. Nyoman’s also offer great value set menus (German, Seafood, Vegetarian or Asian) including soup or an appetizers, a main dish and dessert starting from just Rp119,000! You can’t get better value than that!

#9 Mai Mai

A great spot for lunch during a day of shopping at Bali Collection, Mai Mai offers Indonesian and international dishes to please everyone. Fresh seafood is a highlight of the menu, so choose something delicious for the chefs to throw on the bbq.

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The kids will love the chicken or fish satay sticks served with rice. Ask for them to be served without spicy sauce for little mouths not used to chilies. There are also kids faves like chicken nuggets and fried crispy prawns for between Rp45,000 and Rp60,000.

#10 Secret Café

Secret Cafe is a small, surfer style cafe with a friendly staff and owner that keep customers coming back again and again. Serving up local faves like nasi goreng and great burgers, sandwiches.

Excellent for a filling lunch or an afternoon slice of homemade cake or pie and a good cup of coffee, if you’re looking for somewhere away from the resorts, Secret Cafe is your spot.

Yes, there are Affordable Nusa Dua Restaurants!

Budgeting for a Bali holiday in Nusa Dua can be tough for families because hotel restaurants often charge highly inflated prices for their food. Make sure to get the most from your free breakfast and then hit one of the fab restaurants for lunch or dinner to save major bucks!