It’s not hard to be inspired and make art when you are in a cultural hotbed like Bali. One of the best ways to spend a break on the island and experience full cultural immersion is to explore the local art scene! Take it a notch further by enrolling yourself for an art-making class and take the whole family along for the ride! Below are some of our recommended Bali Art Courses to try:

Bali Center for Artistic Creativity (BCAC)

Founded by painter and art teacher Bruce Sherratt, the Bali Centre for Artistic Creativity (BCAC) aims to encourage anyone to unleash their creativity and produce amazing works of art. BCAC features a spacious studio wherein art classes, courses, seminars, and workshops for individuals and groups are held.

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These classes are meant to uncover, test, and develop the talent and skills of the students. Each class is designed to enhance the imagination and produce original creations. BCAC also works with international and local schools to teach you people through Outreach and Extended Studies programs. They also sponsors various art drives to discover local artists and inspire orphans and street children, as well as mentally and physically handicapped youths.

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BCAC also encourages family bonding through art making. Certain art classes and workshops are designed specifically for families, helping the whole family make art using different mediums such as watercolors, pastels, charcoal, pure pigment, and mixed media. For those who are interested in enrolling for a class, these are the rates: Single class (maximum of 3 hours)

  •         One adult: Rp600,000 per person
  •         More than One adult: Rp550,000 per person
  •         Children: Rp350,000 each child

Short Course for Families (maximum of 9 hours)

  •         One adult: Rp1,600,000 per person
  •         Second adult: Rp1,485,000 per person
  •         Children: Rp945,000 each child

Five Art Studio

Five Art Studio in Ubud offers traditional Balinese art classes to locals, expats and tourists. Some of the classes are also offered in tours itineraries by local agencies.

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Five Art Studio’s classes are based on traditional art-making techniques using local materials. The class rate is inclusive of materials, snacks and water. Book your preferred class by phone, email or visit the studio. Note that a regular class is at least 3 hours long so plan your day accordingly. Below are the different classes offered by Five Art Studio: Keliki Painting Class – 3-hour class: Rp400,000 per person Egg or T-Shirt Painting – 3-hour class: Rp400,000 per person Batik Class – 3-hour class: Rp400,000 per person Silver Jewelry Class – 3-hour class: Rp400,000 per person Wood/Stone Carving – 3-hour class: Rp400,000 per person Fruit Carving – 2-hour class: Rp300,000 Balinese Dance Class – 2 hour class: Rp300,000 Offering Class – 2-hour class: Rp300,000 See Five Art Studio in our directory.

Puri Lukisan Museum

Puri Lukisan Museum is the oldest art museum on the island. Located in Ubud, the museum features a variety of performance and art classes with techniques based on traditional Balinese art making.

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Puri Lukisan Museum specializes in painting, woodcarving, and traditional musical performance arts. Below are a few of the classes offered at the museum with the corresponding rates: Gamelan or Flute Playing – 1 hour class Rp145,000 per person Traditional or Classical Painting – 7 hours 1-day class Rp520,000 per person Mask Painting – 3 hours Rp365,000 per person Batik – 7 hours, 1-day class Rp520,000 per person Shadow Puppetry – 7 hours Rp575,000 per person Woodcarving – 7 hours Rp520,000 per person.

WS Art Studio Balinese Handicrafts

If you’ve always wanted to make your own trinkets and accessories with silver, then you need to check out WS Art Studio Balinese Handicrafts’ jewelry-making classes. Using genuine and silver, local artisans will guide you through the intricate process of silversmithing to make your very own accessories. The metals are heated and honed using jeweler’s tools to bring their natural luster and create beautiful patterns. Even better, you can take your own creations as a token or as a gift to loved ones!

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Apart from making silver jewelry, WS Art Studio Balinese Handicrafts also offers mask carving, woodcarving, stone carving, weaving, traditional painting, fruit carving and batik making classes. Most of the classes are absolutely family friendly too so take the kids and let their imagination run wild!

Bali Batik Art with Ketut Sujana

Batik is one of the most popular Balinese textiles, and the art of batik painting is such a rewarding experience that local artist Ketut Sujana decided to offer classes to those who want to learn the secrets to this traditional Balinese art. Ketut Sujana offers group and one-on-one classes.

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The batik making class is a great way to spend an afternoon and you will get to take home your own masterpiece.

Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center

Located in Central Ubud, Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center is inspired by collaboration, creativity, and artistic expressions.

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This Library and Learning Centre provides a range of family friendly and children-friendly art courses including performance arts, silversmithing, painting, and fruit carving. Most of the classes are very short at 2 to 3 hours, but book a class early because the center does not have a fixed timetable.

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Below are a few of the art classes offered at the learning center and their corresponding prices: Balinese Dance, Gamelan Gong or Balinese Bamboo Gamelan  – 1-hour class Rp100,000 per person Balinese Offering Making – 1 hour 30 minutes class Rp150,000 per person Fruit Carving and Decorating – 2-hour class Rp200,000 per person Silver Jewelry-Making , Woodcarving and Mask Making – 3-hour class Rp250,000 per person Balinese Painting – 3-hour class Rp250,000 on paper and Rp280,000 on canvas per person.

Let Your Creativity Soar at These Bali Art Courses

Bali is the perfect place to get creative with the whole family. Try something new, or practice a craft you love. These Bali Art Courses are great places to let your creative side free!