Looking for freshly baked pastries, bread and a good old fashioned sandwich? If you need a bit of bread sometimes, and we’re with you on that one,  you’re in luck because there are loads of Bali Bakeries to choose from. From simple bread shops to artisan loaves and other carb-filled faves, we are listing down the best places to score your favorite, fresh out of the oven baked goodies:

#1 Livingstone Bakery

Livingstone Bakery opened in 2013 and has been comforting customers with warm artisan bread, pastries and excellent coffee ever since. The laid-back atmosphere and vintage-style interiors make it a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, but it’s also just nice to stop in and grab some fresh bread and a coffee if you’re staying in a villa nearby.

Photo Credit: Livingstone Cafe & Bakery

Don’t miss the crunchy baguettes and flakey croissants and gorgeous fruit tarts. Everything is delicious actually, so pop in a few times to make sure you find your fave!

#2 Café Moka 

Café Moka was one of the first bakeries in Bali and is now one of the largest. Every day for 15 years, Café Moka has baked all types of bread, pastries and cakes. Some of the types of bread you have to order in advance, but there is also a fantastic selection every day.

Photo Credit: Bali This Week

Apart from using only the finest ingredients, Café Moka prides itself on its extensive selection of sweet and savory breads. Really, there is something for everyone at Café Moka, and because the café has multiple branches, there’s always freshly baked bread near you.

#3 Bali Bakery 

Bali Bakery is a favorite chill out spot for expats and locals alike. The bakery offers a great selection of sweet and savory bread, baked fresh every day. Combined with cozy interiors, it is not surprising that Bali Bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in the island.

Photo Credit: Cooking Photo

We love the huge selection of locally made cakes and pastries too! If you are heading to Bali Bakery, we recommend trying the baguettes, muffins and danishes. These will go wonderfully with a cup of coffee or tea. For those with a huge sweet tooth, you will love the fruit and egg tarts, eclairs and sweet breads!

#4 La Boulangerie De Bali

If you love classic European breads and pastries, you will find your fill of fine baked goods at La Boulangerie De Bali. This bakery prides itself on providing authentic French baked goods. All the bread, pastries and cakes are made from scratch every single day. Only the best ingredients are used to create this delightful smorgasbord of baked goodies.

Photo Credit: La Boulangerie De Bali

Some of the must-try breads at La Boulangerie De Bali are the house special “Famous French Farmer Baguette,” croissants, almond muffins, brownies, sourdough bread and classic Italian country bread. And if you love pies, La Boulangerie De Bali has them in every flavor conceivable.

Photo Credit: La Boulangerie De Bali

#5 Monsieur Spoon

Monsieur Spoon is a French bakery and patisserie with several branches all over the island. Monsieur Spoon is a great place to enjoy affordable croissants, focaccia bread, baguettes, and muffins over a cup of coffee.

Photo Credit: Ministry of Villas

The bakery features an indoor and outdoor dining area. The comfy seating and relaxing ambiance make Monsieur Spoon a great place to enjoy brunch or meet up with friends for coffee dates! Although this bakery is known for its fresh bread and pastries, Monsieur Spoon offers a range of set meals and a la carte mains too.

#6 Buzz Bakehouse

Buzz Bakehouse offers pillow soft, continental baked goodies and made-to-order baked items. Our recommended bread to try at Buzz are croissants, sourdough, country rye, bagels and the baguettes!

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

One of the best things about Buzz Bakehouse is that you can create your own sandwiches. You choose the bread and the fillings too. Some of the fillings to choose from include chicken, cured meats, cold cuts, smoked salmon and egg.

Photo Credit: Buzz Bakehouse

The bakehouse is a re-seller of the Great Australian Bite Pie Company too. At Buzz, you can score Aussie-style pies including those filled with rosemary beef, bacon, and cheese, mincemeat or even babi guling!

#7 White Box

The White Box is a pastry, bakery and food shop that offers a scrumptious selection of breads, pies, muffins and French pastries. According to White Box, the bread is always made with love and passion using traditional baking techniques.

Photo Credit: White Box Bali

White Box is popular for its heavenly cakes, cheesecakes, puff pastries, tarts, biscotti, cookies, brownies, and croissants. Because it is also a food shop, you can expect a la carte mains, meal sets, and savory snacks at White Box. You can get these delectable goodies in store or have them preordered for extra freshness! Apart from dishing out amazing bread and pastries, White Box offers catering and dinner services too.

#8 Bread Basket

Bread Basket specializes in European artisanal pastries and bread. Combining age old baking techniques, local ingredients, and contemporary flavors, Bread Basket offers a selection of French bread, tarts, tourtieres, quiches, cakes, cookies and half-baked bread in tons of popular flavors.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Bread Basket is particularly proud of its German rye bread, which is the house special. The rye bread is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, hand rolled and baked to perfection. This German rye is 100% free of artificial dyes, artificial flavoring or preservatives. All baked goods are guaranteed baked fresh daily.

An Abundance of Bakeries in Bali

Over the past few years, the number of bakeries in Bali has skyrocketed. Expats, tourists and locals will no longer stand for the floppy, sweet, white bread that you find in mini-marts and supermarkets around the island. These bakeries give the best European bakehouses a run for their money, so worry no longer about getting your bread fix in Bali!