In Bali, live performances are not limited to theaters or stages. You can watch colorful Balinese cultural shows of Kecak, Legong, Joged, and Kris dances in other venues, such as restaurants and hotels. The performances are held regularly and are part of a weekly lineup of live entertainment so you can always catch these shows when you are in Bali! Below are the best restos to check out these fantastic Balinese cultural shows:

Laka Leke Garden Restaurant

Dinners are never an ordinary time in Laka Leke Garden Restaurant. Apart from the lavish buffet that features classic Indonesian and vegetarian fares, Laka Leke Garden Restaurant also hosts cultural dances every week. On Mondays, you can catch the Kecak fire dance; Kris and Barong dances every Wednesday, and Joged and the frog dance every Saturday.

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Tandjung Sari

Built in 1962, Tandjung Sari is easily one of the most established hotels in Bali. Initially, the hotel was built to serve as personal accommodations for its owner Wija Wawo-Runtu and his wife. Eventually, several bungalows were added to accommodate more people in the hotel.

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For those who are hoping to catch traditional Balinese performances, we recommend checking out Tandjung Sari. Every first and third Saturday of the month, Tandjung Sari holds live performances to entertain diners. A traditional gamelan orchestra comprised of senior local musicians accompanies the performances. And for those who love want to watch baris and legong performances, regular shows are also held at the hotel’s mini-amphitheater.

Café Lotus Ubud

Café Lotus is located in the Taman Saraswati complex, also known as the Lotus Pond Temple. The café sits near an amphitheater where performances are held every night at 7:30pm. This is the perfect spot to enjoy an immersive experience while enjoying dinner.

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Each day of the week features different performances, so catching any of these shows is a lot of fun. Every Monday, local dancers perform Joged with music performance by a live gamelan orchestra. On Tuesday, an all-women gamelan provides music for a traditional Legong dance. The Ramayana ballet is held on Wednesdays and the Barong dance on Thursdays. On Saturdays, the Legong is performed again, but this time an all-male orchestra. Sundays are reserved for the Balinese theatrical drama where visitors can watch movies about local folklore.

Bebek Tepi Sawah

Bebek Tepi Sawah is a boutique hotel featuring a restaurant with open-air Balinese pavilions so you can enjoy your food and watch amazing performances by local dancers. At night, the whole restaurant glows with brightly lit oil torches along the pathway that leads up to the main stage.

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Each night, traditional dances are performed, including the Joged Bumbung dance, where guests can join the female lead dancer, Legong dance and many more. A bamboo orchestra serenades diners from an open stage built near a rice field.

ARMA Museum & Resort

The Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) houses hundreds of paintings by local and foreign artists. Although ARMA is best known as an art gallery, it has an onsite restaurant that serves up authentic Balinese dishes. Even better, the restaurant has an open stage where local dances and live performances are held on certain days of the week.

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You can catch a mime-like dance called Wayang Wong every Monday and Legong Telek on Tuesdays. On Wednesday nights, ARMA’s own dance troupe performs Topeng Jimat in full costume. Every Friday, a local dance troupe performs Kris and Barong dance. Finally, the Satyabrastha is held every Saturday and Legong on Sundays. If you happen to visit the resto on a full moon or new moon, you will be treated to a special Kenak Rina dance, which is very similar to the popular Kecak dance.

Wana Restaurant @ Bali Zoo

Located in Singapadu, Bali Zoo features hundreds of rare and local animals, including tigers, lions, and elephants. Each night, you can catch energetic fire dance by signing up for the Night at the Zoo program at the Wana Restaurant!

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The program comes with a dinner and live performance. It starts off with a petting and photo session with tame animals, elephant feeding followed by a sumptuous set menu. Wana Restaurant serves up a mix of classic Indonesian and western cuisine. The restaurant offers an al fresco dining experience next to the lion enclosure! And as you enjoy your meal, dancers in full costume come out to perform a breathtaking fire dance. The fire dance is held around 8pm, but is subject to weather conditions.

Kupu Kupu Amphitheatre @ Grand Nikko Bali

Kupu Kupu Amphitheater is an open-air venue that overlooks the Grand Nikko Bali. The amphitheater features a main stage where live Balinese dance are performed every week. Kupu Kupu Amphitheater brings together two things that Bali is known for: fantastic food and amazing culture.

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You can enjoy a dinner buffet, score great souvenir items, and wear traditional Balinese “kamen” waistcloth and sash, and “udeng” headdress for men while watching live Balinese dance performances and regular traditional culture shows. Even better, you can join in on the fun and take pictures with costumed dancers after the show! Best of all, cultural shows and local dance performances are held every night of the week!

Pasar Senggol @ Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua

Located inside the Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua, Pasar Senggol is a night market-themed open-air venue with a main dining area adjacent to a mini amphitheater. Every night, the venue comes alive with buffet dinners featuring mouth-watering local and international cuisines and live entertainment.

Imagine dining on delectable babi guling (spit-roast pork) or grilled seafood while watching a colorful onstage performance. Each night, costumed dancers entertain guests with traditional Balinese dances and live musical performances including Kecak dance and Ramayana ballet. Diners can also check out and participate in market-style exhibitions, art demos, and crafting activities.

Taman Gita Terrace @ InterContinental Bali Resort

Featuring al fresco dining that overlooks the InterContinental Bali Resort’s water gardens; Taman Gita Terrance blends colorful live performance with great food and casual dining. The restaurant offers a fabulous spread that consists of local, western, and Asian hot and cold favorites.

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Taman Gita Terrance offers two dining options, indoors and outdoors on an expansive terrace area. The resto also hosts a bi-weekly cultural themed buffet dinners. If you want to catch the cultural show, we recommend opting for the al fresco dining. The show presents traditional music and dances performed outdoors.

You can enjoy the performance while enjoying the free-flowing wines and cocktails. the cultural performances and music are a part of InterContinental’s commitment to preserving and showcase Bali’s colorful heritage and artistic legacies.

Balinese Cultural Performances are a Feast for the Senses

When you come to Bali you can’t miss the amazing cultural performances that are offered around the island every night. These restaurants offer the experiences of the tastes, sounds and sights of Balinese culture in a comfortable and relaxing environment.