Heading out in the car my 3 year old son asks me where we were going. “We’re going to Jungle Fish” I answer. “What’s a jungle fish?” comes the perplexed reply. “It’s a place where we can hang out and swim” I answer. Immediately he decides there is no way he’s going in a pool with fish in it…

I’m not quite sure what a Jungle Fish is but you can tell your kids not to worry, there are no man eating fish in the pool like my son seemed to think there might be.

Jungle Fish is in fact part of Chapung Sebali resort, perched over the gorgeously lush Osh River Valley about 15 minutes west of central Ubud. It includes an enormous infinity pool, surrounded by loungers, cabanas and tables where you can relax, eat and drink. There is also a restaurant on the level above the pool that is open from 7.30am – 10pm serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For Rp100,000 per adult and Rp50,000 per child (free under 6 years old) you can spend the day at this amazing pool. The cabanas, caves and hanging beds are Rp400,000 each, for 2 to 6 people maximum. The descent down the stone steps is steep and there are quite a lot of them, so we don’t recommend this for those who have trouble climbing up or down stairs and unfortunately it is totally unfriendly for wheelchair users.

We went in a group of 4 adults and 6 kids ranging from 6 months to 8 years old, so we took over 2 of the huge hanging beds under the sheltered area, with the main pool in front and the kiddy pool behind. If you are planning to go with a big group, you can reserve a cabana or beds in advance, and it’s not a bad idea because the day we were there (a Sunday) they were all full.

Jungle Fish is definitely a place you have to watch the kids, because the edge of the infinity pool is high, but it’s also easy to keep an eye on everyone because there is nothing impeding the view to the pool. There are also fabulous shallow areas in the pool where little ones can sit and splash. You just have to remember that the drop from edge of the shallows are straight into the full depth of water so those that can’t swim should always have their floaties on.

After an hour or so of swimming, everyone was starving so we ordered up lunch for the whole group. The kids menu offers pasta, burgers, fried rice and a chicken bento perfect for picky eaters. Prices for kids dishes are between Rp60,000 – 90,000 but when the dishes arrived we were pretty impressed with the size of the burgers and sandwiches. All dishes are msg free and chicken, lamb and beef dishes are organic too!

Parents had a selection of sandwiches, burgers and wraps, which range from Rp75,000 – 145,000. Ok, it’s not the cheapest menu around, but the quality of the food is excellent. I had a steak sandwich that was so good, I’ve been thinking about it every day since.

Who knew one of the most popular features of the pool for the kids would be the 2 massive boulders in the shallow ledge? They spent hours sliding, jumping and walking the plank. And the best part, was everyone seemed totally cool with their antics. The guests who wanted to sunbathe and read mostly stayed at the far end of the pool the families hung out where there are shallow ledges. It seems to work well for everyone, no matter how crowded it gets.

Next to the kiddie pool there is a nice big gazebo and also 2 changing rooms, which is really convenient if you’re there with kids. There is also plenty of shade and covered areas in case of rain.

The Perfect Place to Relax? Jungle Fish!

Jungle Fish has got the perfect balance of style and family-friendlyness with fantastic staff and a really relaxed atmosphere where the natural beauty of Ubud is on display.