Bali is known for its hip, trendy food scene and though it is always fun to try something new, nothing beats timeless dishes that bring back fond memories of a simpler time. The good news is, there are loads of great Bali Restaurants, some that will take you back in time. Today, we are listing down awesome vintage-style restaurants you need to visit when you are in Bali:

#1 Biku

If you have a taste for traditional high teas and fabulous home-style comfort food, then a visit to Biku is in order. The restaurant is made from a 150-year-old teak Joglo, giving it an old world feel. Inside the restaurant, the interiors feature traditional Indonesian architecture, heavy wood seating and a warm, relaxing vibe. A reading nook is also provided for diners who want to read a good book while waiting for their food. For a bit of gypsy charm, a tarot card readings are held regularly at Biku.

Photo credit: Nom Nom Bali

Of course, the highlight of Biku is the food. We love the house special Nasi Campur for its hearty, fresh ingredients and the mixed satays! Other must-try dishes at Biku are Pepes ikan laut (fresh fish grilled in banana leaf), babi kecap, and sop buntut or oxtail soup, yum! If you love afternoon teas, Biku happens to be one of the best high tea spots on the island and the resto offers tiered tea sets and a selection of teas and coffees at great prices.

#2 Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola has quickly become a crowd favorite for its colorful interiors and vibrant Mexican fare. Serving authentic Mexican favorites, Motel Mexicola is a real feast for the senses. From the get go, you simply cannot miss the restaurant because the place features colorful murals, classic Mexican imagery and artworks, as well as graphic walkways inside and out.

Photo credit: A Tactile Life

Stepping inside the restaurant feels like being transported to a vibrant Mexican hotel. And the food is amazing too! Motel Mexicola offers a dizzying selection of appetizers, desserts, main courses, and spirits; the resto prides itself on its long list of sangria selections. This is the perfect spot to enjoy tacos, enchiladas, burritos, empanadas, and quesadillas. The menu has loads of items that will appeal to children of all ages too, including churros, ice creams, shakes and other snacks.

#3 The Bistrot

The Bistrot is a restaurant that offers French brasserie-inspired dining. Located on the trendy Eat Street in Seminyak, The Bistrot features a gorgeous wooden and natural hewn stone dining area with walls brimming with vintage knickknacks. Paying homage to Indonesian culture, dining at The Bistrot is quite a thrill because there are so many artifacts and antiques to discover. If you love antiques or you are simply in the mood to try a different kind of dining experience, we highly recommend this quirky restaurant.

Photo credit: Interior Junkie

Bistrot’s menu consists of a wide array of local and international specialties like the Nasi Goreng and the signature Bistrot Gourmet Burger. Other favorites include the Australian Prime Rib and Pad Thai.

#4 Cosmic Diner

If you love Americana style diner then you will go absolutely bonkers over Cosmic Diner’s fantastic interiors and menu. Stepping inside the diner feels like being transported to the 50s! The diner features Flashy red and neon painted walls, bar, lamps, tables, and chairs go perfectly well with the black and white checkered floor. The walls feature iconic Hollywood celebrities, including Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Photo credit: TSID Bali

The menu is a fun mix of classic and contemporary comfort foods. We love the hearty breakfast options, which are a hit for the kids, pastas and smoothies. Cosmic Diner prides itself on its amazing burger menu. Try out the Cosmic Chicken Burger, Naked Triple Cheeseburger and or Mama Mia burger. The diner also offers special burgers like the Breakfast Burger, East Coast or West Coast burgers and Hawaiian Burger.

#5 Mama San

A mama san is a term used to describe a madam in an Asian gentlemen’s club. The name Mama San was chosen by founder Will Meyrick to encapsulate the old and new influences of Asian cuisine offered at this modern yet vinatge restaurant. Mama San is a 2-level restaurant with design inspired by colonial British restaurants of the 1920s, complete with marble top mahjong tables, oversized tan leather chesterfields and high ceilings.

Photo credit: David Burden

Towering retro-inspired flower displays, vintage clocks and Chinese patterned mirrors serve as interesting accents to Mama San restaurant. The ground floor features an industrial style staircase leading up brick wall to the upper level. The menu is as vintage as it gets with classic Asian street food like pot stickers, fish cakes and spicy Sichuan braised meats. Must try are the lamb and pumpkin pot stickers, Peking duck and braised beef short ribs with chili bean paste!

#6 Kreol Kitchen

Kreol Kitchen is a boutique-style café that offers the perfect marriage of home-cooking and open air dining. Located in Seminyak, Kreol Kitchen promises “soul food cooked with passion” and we couldn’t agree more! This quirky and inviting retro restaurant features retro-vintage interiors, 70s knick-knacks, and an eclectic display of black and white photos that adorn the walls.

Photo credit: Kreol Kitchen

The menu is a colorful mix of Creole, Indian, Mauritian, and Australian cuisines. We love the baked beans, roasted veggies, grilled pepper ragu, and red rice meals. The retro vibe of the restaurant is the perfect complement to the homey meals at Kreol Kitchen!

#7 Balique Restaurant

Located in a quiet fishing village in Jimbaran, Balique is a seaside restaurant that pays homage to the regional eats of Indonesia as well as Europe. Balique features a wooden pavilion with high ceilings and a main dining area with refined furnishings. Suspended on the high ceiling are ornate chandeliers that impart a warm, inviting glow. 

Photo credit: Wagamama Travel

There is plenty to see at Balique because the whole restaurant is packed with art and beautiful touches. The owner collected all the curios and antiques on display – including delicate crystal and glass jars, vintage ceramic containers, and beautiful lampshades – by touring the archipelago. If you love Instagram-worthy meals, you will love the beautifully presented dishes that the Balique will whip up just for you! We also love the restaurant’s great selection of teas, coffees, smoothies, and juice blends.

Try Something New at These Retro Bali Restaurants

It’s always great to try something new, and these Retro Bali Restaurants not only look amazing, but serve delicious food as well! Kids are welcomed at all and there are tons of things for little ones to explore while they eat.