A family vacation is very exciting indeed, especially if you are bringing along the little ones for the first time! But packing for Bali can be challenging if 1) vacation preparations are overwhelming and 2) if the kids can’t pack their things on their own. So what’s a hapless mum or dad to do?

The key to trouble-free packing is to streamline all the things you need and you don’t need. Start by listing down all your essential items. Pack those essentials first and leave non-essential items that will only take room in your luggage. For more travel packing tips, check out these tricks:


“I went overboard the first time we took our son, now we pack basic underwear, bathers & a few changes of clothes then we buy his clothes over there.”

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Regardless if you are spending a lot of time outdoors or inside your resort or villa, you want to bring enough changes of clothes for a toddler. Older kids obviously need to be changed less and are much easier to buy for in Bali, so will need less. If you are going to be away for a week, take 3 days worth of clothes. If you’re away for 2 weeks take about 4-5 days worth.

Remember it’s pretty much always hot in Bali so kids don’t need to be wearing much and will be in their swimmers a lot!


We know kids look great in white, especially when it’s sunny, but white just isn’t practical. Bring colors and patterns that won’t look a mess if they get drips of ice-cream or a splatter of spaghetti on them. Board shorts, patterned dresses and cheap tees are easy to buy in the markets in Bali, so buy some cheapies while you’re out shopping.

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Pack 2 Bathing Suits

Bali beaches and sunshine are the main draws to the island and the kids will probably want to be in or around the water every waking moment. It’s always good to have a couple of swimmers for each child so one can dry while they wear the other. Boy’s boardies can also double as shorts too, saving lots of space.

“I would take enough for 3 days and buy the rest if needed. Plenty of cheap laundries and the kids are in bathers most of the time.”

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If you are spending a week or two in Bali, you can bring 3 to 5 undies for every child. You can always wash them in your hotel room or get them washed at the laundry. Usually hotels have your laundry back in a day.

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All you really need in Bali is a pair of sandals or flip flops, but for kids that aren’t used to wearing thongs you might want a pair of sneakers or sneaker-type sandals so you don’t end up carrying them all the time.

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Baby Clean Up!

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If you use bibs you can pack a couple just to keep the baby clean during mealtimes, but to be honest, because it’s so warm we usually stripped the little ones down while they ate and then dressed them when the mess was over! You might want a small blanket to keep the baby warm and cozy on your flight, and you can also use it in the car or if you have a stroller to shade them from the sun.

Baby Items

Packing the essentials for a baby can be seriously frustrating. Most baby items are heavy and bulky, so if you need a pram, playpen, high chairs, strollers or a sterilizer, we recommend the great baby equipment rental agencies in Bali. We’ve featured some of the best baby equipment rental services in Bali in another blog post. These services are a lifesaver especially if you don’t want to pay extra on excess baggage or tote around heavy baby equipment.

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Essential Baby Items

Diapers: Bring enough diapers for the baby before and during and after the flight. You know your baby and how many nappies they go through, so this will be for you to judge. You can always buy more diapers as soon as you land in Bali. Bali has loads of supermarkets that offer imported and local diapers so you will never run out of choices. Baby wipes are also easy to buy so just bring a pack for traveling.

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Baby Food: We recommend bringing enough baby food to keep the baby satisfied throughout the flight Not all airlines offer baby food. The squeezable packets are expensive and hard to find in Bali, so you might want to bring a few if your baby likes them. We also recommend Mini Muncher, a great organic baby food company that will deliver fresh, homemade baby food right to your hotel.

Medicine: Most medicines you can buy in Bali, but if you have brands that you trust and agree with your child, you should bring a small selection. We recommend packing a small first aid kit of antihistamines, paracetamol or ibuprofen, insect repellant, plasters, and an antiseptic lotion or cream and hand sanitizer.

Snacks: Never forget the snacks! You don’t want to get the kids all cranky because you forgot to pack their favorite snacks in the middle of a delayed flight. We recommend bringing a day’s worth of snacks to keep the young ones’ tummies full!


Most hotels, villas, and resorts offer complimentary toiletries but these items are not enough when the kids are in tow. We recommend bringing a sizable toiletry bag, one that folds neatly so it does not take more room in your luggage. Fill the toiletry bag with:

  •         Toothbrushes/toothpaste/dental floss
  •         Brush or comb
  •         Diaper rash cream
  •         Lots of Sunscreen (it’s expensive in Bali!
  •         A small baby shampoo

Toys and Other Items

Bring your kids’ favorite toys to keep them entertained during the trip:

  •         Books
  •         Coloring books
  •         Tablet
  •          A favorite soft toy
  •         Water wings/inflatable baby ring

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