Although being on vacation is a great excuse to indulge a little and let loose on your diet, sticking to a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat tasteless food. Bali is home to some awesome clean eating, vegan and vegetarian restaurants so easy to find healthy, delicious meals. These Ubud Restaurants are fabulous, regardless if you are eating clean for your health or you’re just in the mood to try something new!


Founded in 2011, Alchemy specializes in 100% raw, vegan meals and juices. Alchemy was founded by a group of health conscious individuals who wanted to promote eco-friendly and sustainable methods of food preparation.

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We love Alchemy’s very diverse selection of energizing smoothies, parfaits, and shakes as well as the raw cocoa snacks that kids will love. The café’s fresh salads, vegetarian pizzas, and desserts are to die for! Off the menu, we recommend the bottled Jamu turmeric drink, fermented vegan cheese, and homemade dehydrated herb tomatoes. We also love the Buddha bowl (a heaping bowl of fresh veggies) and the veggie nori hand rolls. The health store on the side also sells a wide selection of fresh produce, aromatherapy products, raw desserts, and probiotic juices.

Dayu’s Warung

Dayu Warung’s one of the smallest of the healthy Ubud Restaurants, but offers a big selection of 100% homemade meals made from fresh veggies and fruits. Every dish on the all vegetarian menu is made from the finest ingredients, and by that, we mean non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, and preservative-free.

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For Dayu Mahadewi, the owner of Dayu’s Warung, food is life and when prepared well, it enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. That’s why she specializes in sugar-free fresh juices (we love orange, mango, and avocado) as well as mixed juices, salads, and homemade Indonesian dishes. We also recommend the warung’s detox drinks, the red rice coconut pancake, and the omelet roll-up tofu!


Kue is best known for its pretty cakes, decadent chocs, delicious pies, tarts, and freshly baked bread. But if you can pass the amazing desserts (we had a hard time looking away!), you’ll find that this European-style café serves up really healthy options including organic salads, yummy sandwiches, as well as granola bars and organic potato chips. Kue Bakery also offers a colorful array of artisanal jams, jellies, and marmalades.

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We love Kue’s coffee, which is made from Balinese coffee beans. The herbal and organic teas are also a godsend especially when paired with the café’s pastries and chocs. On hot days, we recommend any of Kue’s cold drinks and milkshakes! Wireless internet is available at this Ubud café so customers can stay connected online while having their fill of health food and drinks.

Bali Buda

Founded in 1994, Bali Buda is one of the first of the Ubud Restaurants offering healthy fare. It is also one of the most family-friendly restos in the Ubud area. The restaurant serves up vegetarian, vegan and non-veggie dishes, health snacks, and awesome desserts! After all, Bali Buda is a café, restaurant, and a bakery in one!

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The menu boasts organic salads, macrobiotic choices, and all-natural snacks. Non-vegetarian but healthy food is also available. The restos’ non-vegetarian options include Italian pasta and pizzas, fish and chicken dishes, and sweet treats like

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Sari Organik works with local farmers, creating a smorgasbord of hearty vegan dishes made from organic, freshly harvested produce. The restaurant also keeps a large garden and guests are welcome to check out the garden and even harvest their own veg.


Kafe is a favorite among Ubud’s fresh foodies! Founded on the principles of sustainable living and eco-consciousness, Kafe offers a unique ambiance and dining experience.

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Kafe offers a variety of yummy desserts, healthy foods, and delicious coffee! We love the house specialty, Meg’s Big Salad Bowl because of the generous serving and the freshness of the ingredients. We also recommend the fruit juices, which are perfect thirst quenchers on hot summer days. Watching what you eat? Try the Macrobiotic Breakfast Bowl (brown rice, tofu, roasted seeds and steamed veggies), hummus and pita bread, and tofu scramble.

Clear Cafe

Clear Café is one of the most popular organic restaurants in Ubud. Featuring a homey dining space and flavorful meals and beverages, Clear Café is a sanctuary for diners who love organic, raw food. The café’s philosophy is “eat the food you wish to be,” and if you wish to eat for your health, this is the best place to start!

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For parched diners, try the infused water and the refreshing iced tea. If you want healthy drinks, check out the tonics and elixirs, which include Lemon Drop (fresh lemon and ginger), Electro Berry (fresh strawberry and mulberry with lemon and ginger) and the Super Nova (lemonade with sea salt and cayenne) to supercharge your meal! If you are looking for something light, we highly recommend the wraps and sandwiches. The wraps and sandwiches are filling and delicious but most are low in calories.

Fussy Bird

Fussy Bird offers great food, healthy drinks, and raw pies. With a comfy dining area and fast Wi-Fi, Fussy Bird is a favorite among guests looking for a casual dining spot where food are made from scratch using wholesome ingredients.  So why the quirky name? According to Fussy Bird owners, the restaurant caters to fussy eaters who demand only the best in raw food and services.

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Fussy Bird serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus desserts, smoothies, green juices and hot drinks. For those craving for super healthy snacks, we recommend the raw pies, veggie curry, black rice burrito, gluten-free desserts, and the veggie wraps. We also love Fussy Bird’s kombucha, herbal teas, and all natural fruit juices.

Soma Cafe

Set in a beautiful garden with plenty of comfy seating, Soma Café brings together healthy foods and a relaxing dining experience. This is a great spot to chill out, catch up, and enjoy raw food and drinks that are good for your health.

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Soma Café revolves around the power of raw food to nourish the mind and the body. All meals and drinks are guaranteed fresh and made from scratch. Some of the dishes and drinks you need to try are the “live” pizza, wheat-free flat bread, shitake spinach feta omelet, raw crepes, and rice pudding. We also love the herbal teas, kombuchas, and antioxidant juices at this great Ubud restaurant. The prices aren’t the cheapest around, but the quality of the food and the presentation are impressive.

Yellow Flower Café

Yellow Flower Café serves up classic Balinese fare using locally sourced ingredients and heritage rice varieties. The hillside café, which is located in just west of central, teams up with small, family-run farms to source the freshest ingredients instead of large plantations as a way to provide livelihood to farmers. Getting to Yellow Flower Café requires a little walk but the breathtaking view, affordable eats, and the laid back ambiance are worth the extra effort.

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Some of the must-haves at the café are the pressed juices, raw salads, dairy-free ice cream and the homemade kombucha. We also loved the mouthwatering pancakes, homemade yogurt, and healthy Balinese and Indonesian dishes.

Healthy Ubud Restaurants are for Everyone

Even if you think healthy eating isn’t for you (or your kids won’t like it) these Ubud Restaurants are definitely worth a try. The food is fresh and tasty and there are tons of options so you can find just the right dish for you and the kiddos.