Bath time is always fun because as parents, this is a great moment to play and bond with your baby. However, lots of parents worry about travelling with a baby in Bali because of the water, which can cause stomach upsets. We asked the BKG community to sound off on baby bathing advice that works, some are a little unusual but our readers swear by them:

“When we went my baby was 8 months old and we used Milton tablets in the water and bathed him in the bathroom sink, I just used baby wipes to wash his face.”

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Bathing your baby in the sink great advice if you want to avoid your baby drinking the bath water. To be extra safe you can choose to also sterilize the water. 

If you’re travelling with a baby bring sterilizing tablets, such as Milton tablets or Aquatabs, and add them to the bath water. The sterilizing tablet will kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These products prevent common water-borne diseases including diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera. Best of all, purifying tablets are compact, they are perfect for travel!

“When my boys were little I would pop them on the base of the shower or in the bath and use bottled water. Pour one bottle on to get wet, soap wash and rinse with more bottled water.

Using tap water to bathe the kids may lead to diarrhea or an upset stomach so if you are really particular about the kind of bathing water to use, you can always buy bottled water cheaply from any shop. This way, you do not have to worry about the baby getting water in their mouth and getting sick. Using a couple of bottles of water should be plenty to bathe a baby in Bali. 

“I got one of the big drinkable water jugs from the store and leave it outside for the day. The heat warms the water enough to bathe in.”

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This is an ingenious way to warm up your baby’s bathing water using just the power of the sun! Just pour the bathing water into a large bucket, close the lid to keep insects away, and leave them in a spot that gets a lot of sun. By the time you get back from the beach, the water is nice and warm, perfect for bathing babies!

“I made sure both my kids started really good quality probiotics a week or so before we travelled to Bali and while we were there. I didn’t worry about the bath water (we stayed in a very clean 4 or 5-star resort) but I boiled all water to wash bottles.”

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Probiotics are live microorganisms that keep the gut healthy while promoting immunity. Giving the kids their dose of probiotics every day will make the little ones more resistant to common diseases, including bacterial infection. One of our readers recommends starting your kiddos’ (and adults) daily probiotic dose a few weeks before you travel with a baby the actual vacation just to establish a stronger immune system. 

“We used to pass the baby to whoever was in the shower at the time to hold and the other washed them with a face cloth, little rinse off and pass back to dry.”

You can always team up with your spouse when bathing your baby. Carry the baby and hold him securely while in the shower. Your spouse will be responsible for washing the baby, applying soap, and rinsing. When done, get the towel and dry the baby off.

“I was lucky to have a detachable shower head in the hotel. Check to see if your accommodation has one.”

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Using a detachable shower makes baby bathing much easier. You can hold the baby with one hand and use your other hand to grip the showerhead and rinse the baby clean. Just be careful not to let the stream of water get in your baby’s mouth.

Other Bathing Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Bring an Inflatable Tub

Babies in Bali are vulnerable to bacteria-causing diseases so be extra careful with hotel tubs, sink, or shower area. They make look clean but there could be millions of bacteria lurking so better bring your own gears! An inflatable tub makes bathing so much easier plus, it is very compact! You can simply deflate, fold and/or roll the inflatable tub so it won’t take much space in your luggage.

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Check the Bathing Area of Your Booked Accommodations

We recommend calling your hotel or resort in advance to let the staff members know that you will be travelling with a baby. Ask what services or amenities the hotel has in place to care for an infant. Ask if the bathroom is big enough that you can give the baby a bath with ease. If the room you booked is not big enough or does not have enough amenities to care for a baby, ask to be transferred to a different room.

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Bathing an Older Babies in Bali

If your baby is old enough that he or she can sit independently, you don’t need to support his or her whole body during bath time. We recommend starting with the face, followed by the face and then the rest of the body.

The most challenging thing about bathing older babies is washing their hair! Most babies hate water running down their face and they’ll get fussy. Our advice is to use a dry washcloth, fold it and hold it over your child’s eyes with one hand and then tipping some water from a plastic cup over his head. This will be a lot easier if your hotel bathroom comes with a detachable showerhead. Let the water stream gently to make sure none gets into your baby’s ears or mouth.