What is it about Bali Indonesia that keeps you coming back? Is it the rich heritage and the unique culture? The friendly locals or the beautiful beaches? Or all of the above? It’s not hard to fall in love with Bali, but we asked the BKG readers what is so amazing about Bali that they keep falling in love over and over again and here are our favorites answers:

The Famed Balinese Sunset

“The sunsets, the food, the serenity, so many things. Bali is my home away from home.”

The famed Balinese sunset is one of the main draws of the island. Being a tropical country, seeing the sky change from an explosion of red, orange, and yellow before fading to dark blue as the sun sets is truly an experience!  We love the Balinese sunset so much, we even have a post on the best places to watch the sunset in Bali!

Photo Credit: balinesebali.blogspot.com

Balinese Hospitality

“The beautiful Balinese people!”

Falling in love with Bali is easy because of the warm, friendly locals. It helps that the Balinese are very family-centric and most activities, hotels and restaurants welcome the whole family.  Most Balinese are very fond of kids and are always happy to lend a helping hand to tourists, particularly stressed out mums or dads!

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The Unique Culture

“The culture… so rich!”

The Balinese culture is a fascinating mix of religion, art, music, dance and food. All these things certainly appeal to tourists! The Balinese are very spiritual and you can see this each time you look around. There is no denying that Bali’s magnetic culture and rich heritage are unique in the world.

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Whether you are trekking at Mt. Batur, catching a spectacular performance at the Bali Theater or simply checking out the catch of the day at the local market, there is something about Bali’s vibrant culture that captures the heart and captivates the soul!


“Cheap flights!”

Pretty much everything is affordable in Bali, including the airfares to get there. Of course, since Bali is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, the air fare will shoot up during the peak seasons (December-January and June-September). But you can check with different travel and booking sites to find great deals.

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Apart from the cheap flights, there are accommodations in Bali suit all budgets. There are dozens of affordable hotels and resorts in Kuta, Ubud and Seminyak. If you have a large family or you want to stay at a roomy villa, you’ll be glad to know that the options are virtually limitless in Bali.

Food is also very affordable in Bali. You can sample local fare from hole in the wall restos and food stalls called warungs. A warung is a family-run eatery that serves up staple Indonesian and Balinese dishes. The portions are always generous and the prices? Cheap as chips!

The Way of Life

“It feels like we are at home when we arrive in Bali.”

It’s not surprising that Bali is home to thousands of expats. The beguiling island is truly a paradise especially for those tired of city life. If you’ve always wanted to experience leading a simple life then we encourage you to spend a day or two in the Balinese countryside, meet the local folks, enjoy the stunning views, and revel in the tranquility. Spending a holiday in Bali is the perfect way to recharge, reconnect with your authentic self, and widen your horizons.

Photo Credit: pasangiklankoran.net

Family-Centric Activities

“Building great memories with my family.”

Bali offers tons of holiday activities perfect for the whole family. For wholesome fun with the kiddos, we’re happy to report that there is never a shortage of exciting things to do and sights to see in Bali when you are on a holiday with the kids. You can go on a temple tour, hit the beaches, or check out some of Bali’s most popular terraced rice paddies in Ubud.

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You and the rest of the family can also visit various museums and learn more about Bali’s rich history. There are loads of thrilling activities for hard-to-please teens too. You can rent bikes and explore the countryside, go river rafting, go to a local water park or sign up your teen for a surf lesson.

Balinese Cuisine

“The delicious food!”

If you love discovering exotic eats or you are a foodie at heart, you will find plenty of opportunities to taste and discover the flavors of Balinese cooking. As with most Asian cuisines, the spices and herbs are the heart and soul of Balinese cooking. So expect robust flavors, interesting textures, and colorful herbs and spices. As far as food goes, there is something for everyone, even for picky eaters, vegetarians or those with dietary requirements.

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There are thousands of places to eat in Bali, from street-side stalls to world-renowned fine dining restaurants. Try a little of everything and see what suits your tastes!

The Shopping

“The weather, the restaurants and the shopping!”

Because Bali Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, you are likely to come across a shopping center, a curio store or a kitschy boutique at every turn. In fact, Bali is a true shopping haven, with dozens of shopping districts, malls, and local markets scattered all over the island. You can also tour various artisan villages in Bali to score beautiful artworks. For instance, you can purchase silver and gold jewelry at Celuk village near Ubud, wood carvings in Mas and beautiful Balinese masks in Singapadu.

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If you are looking for great deals on local items and souvenirs, you can check out various traditional markets in Bali where colorful merchandise are simply laid out so you can pick the items that you like. Most of these items are unique in Bali and are offered at shockingly affordable rates. If you prefer to shop at high-end malls and shopping centers, there are plenty of those as well!

Something for Everyone in Bali Indonesia

“It ticks all the boxes of what we want for a holiday whether it’s a girl’s trip or if I’m going over with the whole family.”

Regardless if you are visiting for your honeymoon, vacationing with the girls, or going on a family holiday, there are so many sights to see and things to do in Bali Indonesia. Shopping, eating, entertainment and relaxation! What more do you need?